Sumo Digital: XB1X Is So Much Faster Than PS4 Pro, But Will Third Parties Make Use of It?

Sumo Digital's Gareth Wilson stated that the XB1X is much faster than PS4 Pro, though he wondered whether third parties will properly use it.

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KionicWarlord222544d ago ShowReplies(19)
XiNatsuDragnel544d ago

I hope so, but most likely not. Since console sales matter.

timotim544d ago

I would imagine 3rd party devs care more about how many people they can get to buy there game at the end of the day. Most 3rd party devs will be selling there games on multiple platforms, including PC and also mobile in some cases.

XiNatsuDragnel544d ago

Agreed, but think from devs point of view. We want as least amount of issues as possible while developing on all platforms.

KillBill544d ago

True but 3rd party Devs are already standing up and saying they want to show their games off on XB1X. So regardless.... MS is getting the attention they wanted.

rainslacker544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

It's kind of a balancing act. The more sales the X1X gets, the more effort that will be put into adding in Scorpio features. Devs may want to go all out, but development time cost money, and they will have pressures to release the game by a certain date.

Some optimizations will be easier than others, so I'm sure all games will have at least some Scorpio support. But based on the PS4P upgraded support, I wouldn't be expecting that much, but when the good ones do come, it can be quite impressive. more often than not it's just more subtle upgrades to graphics or general performance that likely comes from the easy transitions within the game engines or API's.

timotim544d ago

Ok...that the same work they put in on PC can work in there favor on X and vice versa

XiNatsuDragnel544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Sure they can, but developers are tied to a publisher who wants certain requirements to make the publisher money. Activision and COD supply drops for example. Another one is parity to not make favourites they use parity to achieve a fair running instead of the best possibly be version.

Vbma544d ago

Already using, there is a list of games that will come better visually and not only resolution. And even those who do not have 4k TV XoX makes the game more beautiful than the standard 1080 plus faster loadings. This already shows a big difference for the competitor. Not to mention the ease and speed of progaming games for XoX.

MrFisher21544d ago (Edited 544d ago )

Pay 500 for your games to load a little quicker?? Lol. And most people with 4k Tv's don't even calibrate them. So sad.

ziggurcat544d ago

Most people with1080p TVs don't calibrate them, either. You can tell when someone says a night scene in a game is "too dark."

Gh05t544d ago

Seriously? My PC is full of hardware specifically bought to make things load faster, and I spent more than $500 to buy a quicker processor, more memory, and a faster SSD... I blow money for faster loading all the time.

Keep trying to pretend like these things don't matter

OpenGL544d ago

PS4 on average already loads games faster than the Xbox One, wondering how much of an improvement this is. Digital Foundry said something like it increases read speeds from 40MB/s to 60MB/s, both of which are considerably slower than modern mechanical hard drives.

The_Sage544d ago (Edited 544d ago )


What the hell kind of English is that?.. I understood it but it's really really weird.

Vbma544d ago

Haha, English Second language. Im learning.

The_Sage544d ago

Lol. Well... Then in that case, well done. 👍

frostypants544d ago

Both MS and Sony consoles are easy to develop for these days. You're using a last-gen talking point.

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KaiPow544d ago

As long as Microsoft remembers to give the core bone owners the same experience, I welcome whatever additional power and tweaks the X version can get. I'm glad Sony has mandates in place to keep their two consoles in check.

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