Hooked Gamers: Banjo-Kazooie: N&B Preview

Fans of the old games could be forgiven for their inevitable first thought; it looks nothing like old Banjo! Well, this is actually true. On the surface, the game doesn't even look like a platformer. The main hook of the game is the fact that it has an almost infinite amount of vehicles. Every vehicle can be customised, and you can make your own designs and layouts to come up with a totally unique Banjo-mobile.

Vehicles can also help you in the game's many challenges. You have to complete challenges to get vehicle parts, and you have to use vehicles (and consequently new parts) to complete the challenges. It makes a clever never ending circle of unlocking, with you desperately trying to complete new challenges for parts, before using those parts to desperately try and complete another challenge, which then yields… You get the idea.

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