Nintendo comments on retro revival rumor

Earlier today, Gamekyo posted a rumor regarding an old franchise that would see rebirth on the Wii. Nintendo has commented on the speculation and the response is pretty much what most had expected - That Nintendo does not "comment on rumors and speculation" reply...

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hotrider123674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

since nintendo coming out with wii2 in 2011 I hope this time around they pull out some classic games from their portfolio instead only on vc and use a real controller instead of a lame wane

Product3674d ago

lame controller?......bring me some retro revival with motion controls...
Give me punchout,fzero,starfox,pilotwi ngs,excitebike,kid icarus,etc. and use motion controls
then bring me classic 2d gaming on wiiware like contra,castlevania,and a new 2d mario or dk country.

hotrider123674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

yeah, product. those are the games Im talking about. personally I dont like the motion wane but using a classic controller would be cool for me. but I dig your game titles especially donky kong country and contra and castlevania a new ms.pac-man, gradius maybe a new zaxxson few space shooter games?? bring back the good ol days of yesteryear ahhhh!!!!!