Mercenaries 2 Total Payback Update Hitting PSN, XBLM In October

Developer Pandemic Studios has sent word that it will release the "Total Payback" update for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames on October 13th for Xbox Live and on October 20th for the PlayStation Network.

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andron3698d ago

I had fun with M2, but in the end I got really annoyed with the glitches and repetitive gameplay.

Can't see that the DLC brings much new to the game either.

Road Dog3698d ago

I never saw any significant game glitches that affected either my single player playthrough or the 3 campaigns I helped friends complete. I'm pumped for this DLC. Whether you like it or not it is good to see DLC coming out within a reasonable time frame.

Too many games now are just played for a week then thrown away, it is good to see DLC expanding on a game. Yes some will say that the game was "unfinished" and this is "milking money" but I don't see it to be the case here. This game was massive easily 20-30 hrs if you had to do everything so this DLC will only improve it.

Road Dog3698d ago

Edit: This isn't even a DLC this is a free update. Good to see though that real DLC is coming in November.

andron3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

And I played it for 15-20 hours, before moving on. Great fun.

I was hoping the game would have turned out better than it did. A bit disappointed that it felt somewhat unfinished, and not a major leap over the first.

And by glitches I mean things like enemies blowing themselves and their own buildings up in order to get you. I also got the save game glitch where it would add spare parts and money I already had collected, when I went to that location again.

SullyDrake3698d ago

Am I a Trophy whore? Maybe a bit... But with so many games coming out this fall and so little money I have, my purchases are reserved for the most complete games only.

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Neo Nugget3698d ago

Week late for PSN :(

Looking forward to it though, I seem to look past all the glitches :P

TheColbertinator3698d ago

I did not like Mercs 2.It was ok but not great like the first one

SL1M DADDY3698d ago

Then sent it back to GameFly. It just was not enough to grab my attention for too long. Besides, BIA came out and from that point on my attention was no longer lent to Mercs.

Mandalorian_Jedi13685d ago

Well for those who were actually waiting for total payback I'm sorry to say that it didn't come out when planned on the 13th (yesterday). So far pandemic has also failed to give a promised update on why the patch wasn't released on time. Well, it's safe to say that I'm not going to be caring since I'm pickin up saints 2 tomorrow.