BigDownload: Feature: Crysis and Crysis Warhead performance comparisons

Crysis blew gamers away in 2007 with its eye-popping graphics, and met with generally high critical acclaim. Despite what people thought about the actual plot and gameplay, few could deny how fantastic looking the game was. Gamers also realized that intensely realistic DirectX 10 graphics came at a high cost. The developers, Crytek, claim that piracy had a lot to do with relatively average sales of Crysis, which may be the case, but the game's reputation for requiring expensive high-end hardware to run properly had its impact too. The game's follow-up, Crysis Warhead, released recently and claims that the game can run smoothly on a $699 PC using medium settings. BigDownload decided to compare the performance differences between Crysis and Warhead and see if the game engine received any significant optimization since its release one year ago.

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