Ni No Kuni 2 Makes Some Dramatic Changes To The Series' Battle System | GameSpot

Level-5's Ni no Kuni sequel ditches Familiar-summoning for a much faster paced and more action-oriented real-time battle system.

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benmcn83547d ago

I like this approach too fighting. I loved the first Nino Kuni, but the pokemon-like fighting I found to be a little tiresome. It looks like they've made it their own thing in this one. Looking forward to it!

Ilovetheps4547d ago

The familiars were my favorite part of the first game. And then the type-triangle added quite a bit of strategy to the game. I personally wish they would have kept something similar to the old battle system even if they had to tweak it some.

CrimsonWing69547d ago

I'm not digging this new combat system, why would they get rid of the first one's? People liked the game and it wasn't broken...

It is what it is.

Relientk77547d ago

Day one just like the first game. Then I get to try the new battle system out for myself too.

Chaos_Order547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

While I did like capturing and battling with familiars from the first game, there were a couple issues with it. By the end of my game, Oliver's team of 3 was made up of the 2 familiars you're given as part of the story, and then a monolith type with high defence to tank enemy super moves. I feel there should have been more reason to mix and match and update your team as time went on, when instead I would just capture familiars to pass off to the AI characters, who weren't particularly useful, and stick with the same team for the vast majority of the game, because... why change them out for something weaker?

With this new system, so long as the friendly AI is improved and you're constantly unlocking new abilities and having to change up your tactics, I'll be happy for it, even if I'll miss collecting cute little monsters.