Are Mega Man games all work and no play?

Many gamers were filled to their brims with joy because of a brand new retro gaming experience offered to us when Mega Man 9 was released last week. However, as with anything, there were also people situated on the other side of the fence concerning the release, who are most likely starting to become annoyed with all of these stories concerning the game. These people believe that retro games like Mega Man are just too much work, and therefore devoid of fun. It's a little hard for them to understand exactly how others are able to get any enjoyment out of something that is so frustrating to play.

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BlackTar1873699d ago

Cry me a river they were always hard back then and became famous based off those games why change the formula that you went back to?

People who scuk at games always have something to say.

"My Controller got stuck" "There lagging" "I dont get it Im doing everything the wa they say"

just some examples sao I can make you feel the hate yourselves: )

Voiceofreason3699d ago

Thats casual gamers for you.. Things were so much nicer before Sony brought in ever wanna be gamer with the PS1 and of course every single game had to be dumbed down for them.

Product3699d ago

is this a joke?
Sorry but for young gamers who grew up thinking the Playstation 1 is retro has been babied their whole lives.

GTA4?please,MGS4?please...... ..Go play Contra and cry.

Tweek3698d ago

i love megaman series this game brought me back to megaman on nes i loved playing it