Sony Japan is Killing It With Its Latest PSVR Advert, Even Shows a Bit of GT Sport in VR

Pure PlayStation: Sony Europe and America hasn’t been too active in promoting the PSVR since its launch. According to Sony, that’s because it didn’t want to drive up demand that it couldn’t fulfil. Fair enough, we suppose, but then why is Sony Japan doing such a blinding job?

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XiNatsuDragnel336d ago

Just beautiful Sony congrats for stepping your game.

badz149336d ago

why didn't they show the Pro in that last bit though? it's not like they put a price or anything

sonarus336d ago

My guess... Ppl in Japan dont give a damn about the pro.

badz149336d ago


perhaps....but isn't that the point of advertising, though? to try to sell your product in the hope that it will start selling more? No?

Aenea336d ago

This is an ad for PSVR, you don't want people to believe PSVR needs a Pro to work, now do you?

fr0sty336d ago

Some solid looking games. Definitely MUCH more of a commitment than they gave to move or eyetoy, showing they're serious about this being more than just another add on device that gets forgotten in 2 years.

Ashlen336d ago

Japans ads are so good, they are always really creative and focus on fun.

336d ago
Petebloodyonion336d ago

That's what I want to see on PSVR!
Good job and great promo

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