WipEout HD Review (TrueGameHeadz)

DW writes:

"Every now and then, a repeat effort on an older title surfaces and makes itself known. Almost as if its reaching far from the placate floors of era in gamedom showered with boring efforts in the same depart: the upgrade. Funny thing about titles in the same story, genre, etc, I sometimes just see them as an upgrade to a previous standing on a title that was once called the epoch of its existence.

With WipEout, and depending on who you are, there are several of these titles that reach the top of the bell curve. Whether it was the first incarnation of the series, the PS version, or the newer PSP versions, of which HD is based off of. In my eyes, HD takes my favorite of..."

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WINZLOW3698d ago

and download this on live.

oh wait.. =D

BlackTar1873698d ago

I have 5/8 completed any one who has played it knows what Im talking about and I love it more then I love the 1st 2 on the earlier consoles.

Anyone who is debating to get this or not please read this.

9/10 IMHO

chinmoku3698d ago

That game is awesome but ends up quite difficult in the later events :) Nevertheless, great speed.

bitboi3698d ago

i think this will be my first PSN downloaded game! it's nice to see the Wipeout series return to form!

pompeymassive3698d ago

Shame all the games on the ps3 dont harness the 1080p and 60 frame qualities. This is something the 360 cant handle and I dont care what any silly 360 fanboy says. Sony and developers need to expose this alot more coz this bumps up the quality ten fold, far beyond the reach of any xbox game no matter how much they pushed the 360. They probably need 10 discs and then after playing it for 27 secs they'd get the ring of death. Lol.

bitboi3698d ago

i can agree with you on that! that's one thing Im disappointed in with the 2 powerful consoles. Why aren't most of the games running at 60 frames per sec? and they constantly throw around hi-def this and hi-def that yet a large majority of the games aren't running at full resolutions. what the hell is up with that?!