Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo Impressions | GamersBliss

E3 2017 shows a Call of Duty WWII single player demo. While sitting in a room with other press and VIP’s, its quiet. A TV illuminates with the Call of Duty logo waiting on the screen. It’s impossible not to think of jetpacks, unrealistic abilities and robots when looking at the legendary logo.

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TheOttomatic91176d ago

Kinda sucks they won't be continuing the Advanced Warfare series but Sledgehammer games is a good developer and I'm sure this will be an enjoyable game.

CaptainFaisal176d ago

You liked Advanced Warfare?! Wow

Unreal01176d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign of AW. The multiplayer could have been better but it really wasn't a bad game.

Zjet176d ago

I highly enjoyed Advanced Warfare, it was one of my favorite COD campaigns

micbrc176d ago

Aw tied up the story in a neat little package continueing it would have felt cheap.

micbrc176d ago

Cod with health packs... I'm in.