Insomniac on Spider-Man: [email protected] Not Really an Option on PS4 Pro, FP View Used at Certain Moments

Insomniac revealed that [email protected] won't really be feasible for Spider-Man on PS4 Pro. They also said that first person view is in the game, though reserved for specific moments.

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KaiPow60d ago

Man, I'd be fine with 720/900p if it meant a solid 55-60fps

Genuine-User60d ago

Even then it wouldn't be an option. Current-gen console CPU's can only do so much.

Alexious60d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft cheaped out with those Jaguar processors.

thekhurg60d ago

On top of that, I'd pass on sub 1080p resolutions on a 4k display.

Skull52160d ago

Dang with the XBOX doing Forza 7 4K60 the PS4 Pro must be severely under powered to not pull off 1080p60.

super_bruno60d ago

There is no reason to buy a Pro

bluefox75560d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Those Jag cores mean 30fps for the majority of games on all consoles. I don't see that changing next gen either, frame rate is far less marketable than resolution.
@skull521 There are games on Pro that also run 4k/60, surely you see how dumb it makes you look comparing 2 vastly different games?

r2oB60d ago

@ skull521

What resolution is the XBOX running Spider-Man? Oh wait...

On a more serious note, Forza is a closed circuit racer which is why the XBOX can run fit at 4K60. This is evident by the other AAA games shown running 4K checkerboard at 30 frames. Seems the XBOX is just as underpowered as the PS4 Pro by your standards.

bouzebbal60d ago

4K 30fps it is !
It's great for this kind of games..
Just look at ratchet or infamous.

DragonKnight59d ago

@Skull: Yeah, there's no reason to be impressed by a pretty racing game. Racing games are showpieces because there's not much to them. I think it's sad that you only have Forza to look forward to every year.

nX59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I think 30fps are fine in most games, remember when people said you can't play racing games in 30fps? Since then Driveclub and Forza Horizon managed it perfectly and with a 4k TV, I'll certainly prefer the better graphics.

It's just that having the option for 60fps wouldn't be bad in some cases.

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OB1Biker60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think the article maybe misleading.
Someone asked if that would be an option and Insomniac replied they will optimise for the best experience. No option
In other words they are not saying they can't for some reason people blame the CPU for. They are just saying they won't. Maybe they want the game 30fps

Kiwi6660d ago (Edited 60d ago )

If its not the CPU then what other reason could there be as i'm sure Insomniac know more about what they can do on the hardware that they have to work with far more than internet experts do

OB1Biker60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Probably the same reason they made R&C 30fps.
I'm no expert but I know there's always a choice/compromise to be made.

OB1Biker60d ago

The news here is they will optimise for the experience they think the best and don't give the option for gamers to chose a different compromise.

HeyNowChillax59d ago

No-one wants the game to run at 30fps. Gamer or developer.

DragonKnight59d ago

Wasn't it Insomniac that said that all of their games would be 30FPS?

*checks the internet*



So it's not at 60fps because Insomniac is following through with their promise to not have a 60fps game again after the previous R&C game.

donthate59d ago


The PS4 Pro is heavily bottlenecked all over the place, not just the CPU. The machine was built to fit a price of $399, and even dropped UHD blu-ray drive.

If it wasn't so bottlenecked, other areas of the system could pick up the slack and give the CPU more time. That just isn't the case with PS4 Pro. It was always intended to be a modest upgrade over PS4 Slim, and use checkerboard rendering to fill the gap.

Liqu1d59d ago

Insomniac don't bother with 60fps anymore.


nicsaysdie59d ago

Um, maybe they feel like 30 FPS makes for a more cinematic experience. Maybe, just maybe, it's the way they want to make their game. Just a thought.

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andrewsquall60d ago

Then just get a TV that makes the game a bit smoother although it won't fix it looking like a jaggie mess at 720p unless you love gaming on a 28" screen on your PS4 in 2018.

PiperMCFierceson60d ago

I game on a 28" asus monitor ... that's hooked up to my ps4pro. I don't have time for all that tv delay.

edeprez60d ago

Tv's that interpolate frames introduce a lot of lag, i keep mine in game mode, or else it's a laggy mess. Lcd tv's are typically slower than plasma or crt to begin with, but it might be bearable in a single player game.

Erik735760d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Well you see it's not actually running it at 4k which is why it can't do that. It's 1080p upscaled

They just love to call it 4k

MegamanXXX60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I actually agree with you and I also think it will happen to the XOX because of the weak laptop cpu in both consoles. True Native 4K 60fps is only in PC

medman60d ago

Well, to be fair, if they didn't "cheap out" on the cpu, most gamers would be complaining about how much the systems cost, and they wouldn't have a chance to sell units to many gamers. They compromised to make a profit....hard to blame them for that. If the xbox one x decided to go the ryzen route for the cpu, imagine what that system would cost....people are already moaning and wailing it's overpriced at 499.

UltraNova59d ago

Correct but then they decided to keep hyping people like the xb1x was a 700 dollar machine with true 4K, uncompressed pixesl and higher framerates....when they knew all they got was checkeredbaord 4K and 30 fps on 1st party games...

medman59d ago

I don't disagree with you at all, but once the final specs for Scorpio were revealed, the writing was on the wall. This "true 4k" nonsense Microsoft keeps yammering on about is rubbish, it's just a shame many gamers cannot, or will not, see it for what it is.

Microsoft has a willingness to deceive their customers that is becoming legendary....from Milo, Kinect, clouds and "the power of multiple xbox one's in the cloud", dx12 improvements to console gaming, Titanfall could only be made with the cloud, drivatars, etc. etc. etc....they just can't seem to just speak plainly. They embellish everything to such a ridiculous degree, it gets tiresome. Some people fall for it and continue to believe. For these people, I guess they keep hoping that one of these times Microsoft will actually be telling the truth to them. They shouldn't hold their breath.

stefan_77160d ago

60fps should have been the standard this gen

SolidStateSnake59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I never understand that statement. Each gen games become more demanding. If games looked like ps1 games I could agree with you. But a PS4 game does not look like a ps1 and an ps6 game won't look like a PS4. Therefore, with each gen games become more demanding and will need gpu/cpu to match that demand. It has nothing to do with the particular gen.