Was E3 2017 the Year the Excitement Died?

'Sony's gonna kill it this year. They have to; I can just feel it,' my friend declared, just days before E3 began. I tried to 'harsh his buzz' a bit, and mentioned that the PlayStation Showcase would likely just show some new gameplay footage and release dates for previously announced titles. 'Don't expect any big surprises,' I remarked. 'We know just about everything up their sleeve, other than Sucker Punch's next game.'

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DefenderOfDoom2339d ago

I was hoping for a hundred dollar price drop for SONY VR at E3 2017 . Oh well , other than that, everything was announced as expected to me , including NINTENDO announcing a new METROID PRIME game .

morganfell339d ago

I think the price cut is coming but not till this fall.

4Sh0w339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

While there is still plenty I'm excited about, I do think E3 was weak overall this year. As a gamer who likes both but prefers Xbox I was a bit more disappointed with Microsoft, all though they showed lots of games, I wanted to see more from C3 and at least 1 or 2 big AAA announcements.

ninsigma339d ago

Not for me anyway! I got excited for God of war, spider man, days gone, uncharted, horizon, Oddysey, mario+rabbids, wolfenstein, Dishonored, Destiny 2 and more! Massive games coming my way over the next year that all look fantastic. What's not to get excited about!?

TXIDarkAvenger339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Yep, mostly all games we already knew about. So hype!

In all seriousness, it wasn't terrible but this E3 is one of the worst in recent years.

Garethvk339d ago

I am even more hyped as the 15k from the public although adding to the congestion will help ensure less companies hold back from

opinionated339d ago

I was expecting a lot more out of all of them really. It wasn't bad it just wasn't great.

Especially Microsoft. I kept thinking "they are releasing a new console, it's gotta be crazy reveals". I was mad hyped for crackdown and I was disappointed at the presentation. The single player story in crackdown is an afterthought(not hating, that's crackdown 1 which I like). It's just not what I wanted to see. I wanted to see buildings go. I'm mad hyped about state of decay 2 and the graphics presentation of the state of decay 1 map wasn't what I wanted to see. It's not what makes the franchise good, the graphics kinda suck honestly. Stick to your strengths lol. Oni2 looked good. It's just not "upgrade level" stuff aside from forza that's pretty nuts looking.

I think EA did better than usual. Nothing crazy but it didn't suck either. The forced co-op in a way out is a unique take. Even the story mode of madden with dan Marino looked alright and I don't play madden lol.

Bethesda was alright. The vr support is nice. They didn't say anything about PSVR but I'm assuming it's included. The Wolfenstein games are great. Evil within 2 could be cool but it's not directed by Milano. Good stuff, nothing earth shattering.

Sony's was pretty good but nothing crazy. The new God of War trailer got me on board after being on the fence. Spider man was probably the first game of E3 that gave me that "hype status" of aw F*** Yeah. The days gone trailer was boring, a demonstration of how to play the game using the least amount of buttons possible. MvC:I demo was a nice surprise that ended up being a bummer for me. Shadow of colossus looked good. Super hot looks like a vr john wick arcade shooter but it looks really fun. That's the only PSVR game that stuck out to me even though they showed quite a few.

I think Ubisoft won E3 in terms of showing. I'm hyped for AC again, I'm hyped for far cry again, the rabbids game makes me want to buy a switch and the beyond good an evil game could be great depending on the gameplay. They killed it and weren't cringe at all which is kinda sucky.

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