Why a Modern Atari Console is an Awful Idea

it seems that Atari, is considering reentering the modern console market after more then 25 years. People are really excited for this console. But, Poli Games host Joseph, explains that with the monopoly and stranglehold that PlayStation and Microsoft have on the gaming industry, mixed with how expensive it is to create games, it might be best for Atari to sit this one out.

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XiNatsuDragnel271d ago

No it isn't a good idea, it's a wonderful idea with need more competition for Sony. Right now Microsoft isn't cutting it.

271d ago
Xer0_SiN271d ago

atari. sit this one out champ. look how far ET got you the last time you tried to recreate the wheel lol.

Snookies12271d ago

"Big and better companies have tried and fail. maybe we should hold are breath on an Atari console."

Wow that hurts to read...

FallenAngel1984271d ago

"The monopoly and stranglehold that PlayStation and Microsoft have on the gaming industry"

Two companies cannot hold a monopoly on the industry. Also way to completely neglect Nintendo in this equation

Poli_Games271d ago

I believe i add Nintendo in there on multiple occasions. I love my Switch don't get me wrong. But, i have to disagree, when there is only 2 or 3 main competitors in an industry. They tend to do what they want. Example, Time Warner and Comcast, in areas where they only offer those two are offer, they offer low speed at high prices, mixed with data caps. When companies like google enter in the area, and offer something better, fast at a lower price. They are forced to compete. It's not a full blown monopoly, but its pretty damn close.

FallenAngel1984271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

When there are multiple competitors in an industry, it's called an oligopoly not a monopoly. The two terms are completely different and not in any way close other than being products of an imperfect competition in the market.

In a monopoly, the seller charges high prices for the goods because there is no competition. In an oligopoly, the prices are moderate due to the presence of competition. However, they are higher than they would be in perfect competition.

EddieNX 271d ago

Oligopoly would make for an awful board game 😆

Klonoa-dreamtraveler271d ago

Hey new competition new games new experience i welcome it i'm very interested in what they have to offer what cool exclusive ip's they have planned it's about time someone else stepped up to the plate e3's are about to get more interesting. though i wish it was sega having the balls to do this but this is still interesting to see old gaming companies getting back in the ring.

as it sounds like a brand new home console to compete ill be a day one buyer.

Apocalypse Shadow271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Actually, if Atari made an update to the Atari classic portable
with a new Dpad, adds a nice screen, updated the games to 16 bit level or above, allows you to connect to a TV and do something like ad hoc 4 player, I think I would definitely be interested.

Seeing asteroids, frogger, star raiders, yars revenge, breakout, warlords, adventure, space invaders, missile command, tempest etc with updated looks would be cool. Get the license for some games of course.

It would be like going from this
Make it better than the PS1 game
To this

I'd definitely buy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.