Making a South Park Game is Harder than you'd Think

Last week, a poster on the message board NeoGAF asked why South Park: The Fractured But Whole was taking so long to develop. After all, isn’t 2D easy to draw? “First and foremost,” the poster wrote, “the game uses the same graphical style as the show. Which is probably the easiest to make.” Well, dear Mousnis, making a crummy-looking 2D game can be complicated.

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franwex342d ago

Stick of Truth was a rather good game, it did get a little repetitive but what RPG doesn't?
I'm looking forward to this game-hopefully no delays.
Even if the graphics are 2D and were easier to develop (though the article states it's the opposite), the actual game still has to be created along with all the systems that go along with it. Making sure it is playable takes a lot of refining, specifically RPGs and specially after the high expectations that the original game set.

342d ago
freshslicepizza342d ago

Me too and it was quite faithful to the show which is great when you can have the creators work with the game developer. If you don't care for that type of humor then it would be an average game but I really enjoyed it.

dazzysima342d ago

Nothing happens in this game without Matt and Trey's say-so. They write the whole thing, that's what the hold up is. They have to do this and the regular show.

SuperbVillain342d ago

i loved the old n64/ps1/2 version

That one guy 86342d ago

Loved the first game and plan to play it for a 3rd time, a month or two before this release. I can't wait for this to come out!