Days Gone is the Perfect Blending of Games I Love

"I’m very excited to get my hands on Days Gone sometime in the (hopefully near) future. While I did love the gameplay unveiling of the title last year, the new footage Bend Studio showed at E3 2017 gave us a lot more gameplay information about the post-apocalyptic title. I’ve noticed a lot of similarities Days Gone has to other games that I adore, here’s what I noticed." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Genuine-User273d ago

Days gone has so much potential. The dynamic world, variety of freakers and gameplay mechanics are the star of the show.

Babadook7273d ago

Yes it looks dynamic with those hoards and human enemies setting traps. Gorgeous looking open world game with a lot going on.

Kurisu273d ago

Potential, yes, but at the end of the day I think this game is going to fall victim to hype. I'd like to be proven wrong but so far what I've seen looks "good", but not as amazing as people are making it out to be.

273d ago
OB1Biker273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Nobody is making out anything. People like or don't like what they see. Simple as that.
For my part I think the more we see of it the more the game shows that it has a lot to offer. I like the increasing focus on the characters and the way they seem to feel (emotion and pain) like real people. Some people may call Deacon generic but he has a real personality
The weather changing the gameplay and not just for cosmetic like in many games.
Etc so many things we find out the more we know about the game

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

Not necessarily I would actually say games based on conceptual idea live more up to what they're trying to Market because what we're talking about are not simply just how something feels.

What they're telling you is there is a day and night cycle

their telling you is their survival elements

what they're telling you is the hordes of zombies can be tricked and manipulated

That your motorcycle has fuel consumption

that you can be ambushed

all of these things have already been demonstrated in shown and I'm pretty sure gamers are smart enough to understand how this could play out through the game.

They're not trying to Market you some sort of pipe dream or something so revolutionary it's never been done before they're actually simply telling you objective things that you could see happening in the game in real time, you don't really need to feel what it feels like to do those things to get the point because the game is not based on simply physical feel you're not talking about a hack and slash or a fighting game you're more so talking about a game in which the main content is more conceptualized

Mind you be more specific what do you mean " hype"? What about this game are you doubting in regards to execution? Also people's excitement is subjective I mean for god sakes you could have excitement about the next sodoku game coming out.

What they showed inside of this game is extremely grounded and I would say gameplay-wise there are a lot of simple Concepts simply woven together there's nothing that's being shown here at that is so impossible that you would not be able to understand to doubt its execution

it's why I'm very questionable exactly what you're talking about and it's probably why many people are downvoting your trolling.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi273d ago

I wasn't impressed with this game for some reason. It just felt too much like a clone of The Last of Us.

273d ago
OB1Biker273d ago

A TLOU open world with a bike with infected running faster than your character and weapon , trap, bomb selection much more offensive
Also the story in TLOU is unique and about two characters.
I think people feel that way because even open world it seems very immersive in a linear way. The thing is its open world

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

The Last of Us isn't open-world with a day and night cycle about a biker gang fighting zombies.

Sam Fisher273d ago

Hey day 1 for me, not enough of lou gameplay out there, i hope it's completely open world

joab777273d ago

I hate zombie games, except Cod lol! Anyway, this game went from, whatever, to one of mmymost anticipated for one reason. This reason is the number one thing I have wanted from this next generation. Not resolution or frame rate boosts, though they are nice, but actual dynamic gameplay; bringing the world to life. Days Goje seems to have done this, adding narrative to an open world that changes, while vehicles, NPCs and enemies react to the changing world in real ways.

This is just a start hopefully!

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

Well I would more so make your decision to play games based on the elements inside the games and not simply based on an enemy type.

I mean based on your logic you probably wouldn't even play telltale's Walking Dead game because you played a hundred hours of Left 4 Dead so they're the same game right bro? /s

Who knows how many games you've skipped because there's a gun in it and you just assumed it would be like Doom from the 90s....

Sm3000273d ago

I'm sorry I'm zombied out. Hell, I never had two feet in. I'm passing on this game unless they say it's better than the last of us

Thegamer41273d ago

Who's "they"? The only way you will know for sure if it's better, is for you to make your own opinion by playing it.

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

When did you play this game? Why would you play games based on enemy type?

I mean that's like saying you're "all humaned out" because a lot of first-person shooters like 95% of them have the enemies as humans , so it's best to just skip all first-person and third-person shooters that attack humans right?

I mean once you fight an enemy NPC that's a human you've played all games that have enemy npc that are humans right?

That's as dumb as saying you won't play spec Ops the Line because you've already played a hundred hours of Battlefield.

Or you won't play Assassin's Creed because the enemy type is humans and you just got done playing a hundred hours of Grand Theft Auto fighting humans.

I mean please tell me you're not this stupid.....

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