Trophies and Achievements have ruined gaming

Most of you, consciously or unconsciously, will already have formulated an opinion about this piece based upon its title and I don’t blame you. It is a bold statement I agree, but it is one that carries a lot of merit whether or not we choose to admit it or not.

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FallenAngel1984307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Trophies make me more likely to buy or replay certain games just cause, but I still buy games that don't have the feature like did with Saints Row 2 last week

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thekhurg307d ago

Trophies/achievements tied to multiplayer stuff have ruined many online experiences. Especially when it's stupid stuff like kill "X" players with some random awful weapon that is only going to troll your team.

The 10th Rider307d ago

It's awful in DotA 2.

It's not exactly achievements, but when you purchase a compendium you have certain goals you need to hit in order to earn points towards rewards.

There's people that will spend the whole match working to those rewards and it really hurts team play. There's also people that will try and draw out a match so that they make X number of something and can earn their rewards.

It's truly awful and really unnecessary. It is unenjoyable for both the winning and losing teams.

affrogamer307d ago

I haven't been able to platinum uncharted 4 because of the multiplayer trophies and I can't be bothered with them smh.

DaDrunkenJester307d ago


Wtf? Really? There are only like 3 and they are so simple... all you have to do is play like 5 or 6 rounds and you will get them.

georeo307d ago

Or when you try to play a game that's dead online.


Or no one plays the game online so you can never get the trophies, i.e. Inversion.

Tru_Blu307d ago

I'm all for trophies and like collecting them but yes, the idiotic do something that hiders your team online trophies need to be banned lol.

InTheLab307d ago

Dlc and microtransactions have ruined gaming. Achievements and trophies encourage would be completionists to do what they do

Big_Game_Hunters307d ago


Thats why we need cross play, Increase the player base of less popular online games.

modelgod307d ago

You don't have to get the trophies or Achievements if you don't want to. Achievements actually help games considering most games are short and easy. You can't tell me incentives to beat a game on hard, or to get all the collectibles are bad for games. It's not like you " must complete atleast 5 achievements in order to complete a game. " this is the dumbest article ever. Oh yeah, don't forget about the garbage games that ppl play in order to get achievements, I dobut the developers will have a problem with that. If your trash, and some achievements/trophies seem ridiculous to obtain, then simply don't go for them, simple and plain! #

FITgamer307d ago

Or when the trophies are tied to tacked on multiplayer that is absolute garbage. Like the Tomb Raider reboot.

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ApexWolf22307d ago

I have played many games past completion just because the achievements encouraged different playstyles you normally wouldn't consider. Like hit people with X weapon in a certain way lol

Angeljuice307d ago

I normally don't take any notice of trophies. If I really enjoy a game, I may go for trophies to get some extra play from it.

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Snookies12307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I'm not a huge achievement/trophy hunter, but I find they keep me playing some games past the point where I would have ended it. A lot of titles I might put down after one play-through. However, when there are extra challenges to attempt on a game I really enjoyed. It's all the better for it.

admiralvic307d ago

I have to disagree.

Like a lot of, I don't want to say bad editorials but it summarizes my feelings, articles, it takes a narrow view and looks at a very specific subset. For instance, there are people who won't play games with certain graphics, pixelated indie games have it especially rough, others are performance snobs and some will even avoid titles over trivial things like a lack of online or couch co-op.

In this case, I think there are some people who really enjoy the trophy/achievement system, but the ones dominated by it are quite small. A good example of this is a game like Destiny. After a certain point, people get down to one or two trophies/achievements, usually collecting ghosts and finishing a raid flawlessly, yet they and many others still pump endless hours into this game. The same goes for pretty much any large scale online experience, be it The Division of Elder Scrolls Online.

Furthermore, Nintendo Switch doesn't even have these things, yet the system itself has a lot of demand and interest, with games like Super Mario Odyssey getting a lot of attention, even if it lacks these sought after items. Heck, the most popular things at E3 were probably Nintendo's offerings and Destiny 2.

Not to be mean to the author, but this opinion strikes me as something more personal, than objective. The author is clamoring for their latest fix, like some pathetic junkie on the street and spent some time wondering what choices lead to this decision. And sites like PSNProfiles and the like don't help matters.

With a strong push for purity and leaderboard ranks, you have people who're more concerned with constantly moving up, instead of having fun. One reason I pity Hakoom and people like him is regardless of how many trophies/impressive tasks they've done, it's clear that he can't stop to enjoy things/life or else his position will be in jeopardy.

The idea of taking off five days to go to E3, enjoy what Nintendo has to offer, become trial ready in ESO or whatever is simply a luxury they can't take. It doesn't stop millions from doing it, heck, Pokemon with no trophy/achievements still outsold things like Horizon with ease, yet some people just can't escape that feeling.

TL;DR I get that some people have an overwhelming desire to chase after leaderboard rank or fixate on these trivial icons, but the average person will gladly spend 1,000+ hours playing Destiny for fun or see what Nintendo is doing, even at the cost of their progress. It's likely only a small subset, such as the author here, who is caught in this sad cycle. Sure, it sucks, but it is likely more of a disorder, such as an addictive personality, than a real problem with the system. The vast majority have no issue missing out on trophies or playing games without them.

_-EDMIX-_307d ago

Good read and absolutely agreed.

I'm having a hard time understanding how something that is completely optional that could be turned on or turned off would be hurting someone. I agree with you too as I don't care for people that are so narrow-minded that seem to want the industry to go towards their Direction even the things that are completely optional that they could choose to not partake in.

I mean I think it would be really cool to have achievements inside of Nintendo games especially since a lot of them are objective-based but those things not appearing on that Publishers games don't mean really anything.

It would be nice to have but let's be honest nobody is buying a game because of trophies or achievements.

If trophies and achievements disappeared tomorrow I'm not even sure I would notice or even care.

admiralvic307d ago

Some people give into peer pressure, OCD and things of the like. Sometimes the idea of having something incomplete bugs them or makes them feel insecure. Even if you, me or someone else doesn't feel it, I understand why it happens.

I obviously feel more compelled to do things, like Flawless Raider in Destiny, because there is a trophy/achievement, over personal desire. That one also decreased my enjoyment, since it made my groups more stressful, generally had negative people and there was a lot of anxiety about messing up on something like the jumping puzzle (I did it when VoG was the only raid).

All I'm really saying is, it can't really ruin gaming when people have a multitude of reasons not to play something (graphics, frame rate, multiplayer options, etc) and plenty of people have no issue investing vast amounts of time into other things, even if that negatively impacts their gain.

Lon3wolf307d ago

"Not to be mean to the author, but this opinion strikes me as something more personal, than objective."

Isn't that what an opinion piece is meant to be though?

modelgod307d ago

Mind you, he said " the best things at E3 we're the Nintendo offerings and Destiny 2."

admiralvic307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

I'll make this simple to save everyone time.

N4G considers any editorial and reviews of older games opinion pieces. They can be more objective, like why the patch it later approach needs to end, but I would prefer if someone is doing something more subjective, they make that clear. For instance, the current title is a statement, when it's really why they ruined it for them. If it had been named "Why Trophies and Achievements Have Ruined Games for Me," I simply wouldn't have read.

When I clicked it, I was hoping for a long, data intensive article, that talks about the sales Nintendo potentially loses, the logic behind people who purchase games based off trophies/achievements, how many sales something like I Am Mayo got simply because it's a quick and easy platinum and so forth, but it's really just about one persons/small groups struggle to beat an addiction.

@ ModelGod

I said most popular, not best.

modelgod307d ago

" the best things at E3 we're the Nintendo offerings, and Destiny 2." LMAO!!

Gh05t307d ago

"Games that aren’t treated to trophy/achievements are snubbed, regardless of their quality, based on the fact that players will not ‘earn’ anything while playing them. We’ve all done it at some point because, think about it, what is one of the first things we do when we load up a new game? We scour the list of achievements and trophies to see which we can pick up the easiest."

Yeah, no "we" don't do that. You might want to take a look inside yourself and fix that and stop projecting your shortcomings onto other gamers and blaming achievements for it. Its not achievements, its you.

BadElf307d ago

Exactly. If someone has an issue with them....then why even pay attention to them? I personally like them, so I don't mind looking through them. But I don't even really do that much anymore, but I do still love when they pop up.

I just see them as another option the game gives you. And it doesnt MAKE you do them. Just like for example if you hate the Campaign of CoD...just play the multiplayer! If you don't like achievements....don't mess with the achievements!

TomatoDragon307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

No they haven't, and I've gamed since the late 70's.

Lon3wolf307d ago

Old fart :) (I've been gaming since then too)

Agreed I'm not bothered that they exist, I don't bother with trying for them myself and agree that mostly they don't harm gaming but certain MP ones can cause issues to team play etc.

ziggurcat307d ago

make that three people here...