Ana Dominates PC, Console Favors Mercy in Overwatch Season 5

It should come as little surprise to any gamers out there that there’s going to be some disparity between the trends on console and PC versions of any particular game, and Overwatch is no exception. Something as seemingly minor as the difference between mouse and analog aiming can shift the feel of a game, and the way people play it. A quick look at the stats of the top 100 players’ hero pools from Competitive Season 5 so far reveals just that.

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GhostlyJunior305d ago

I wonder if this is common on all shooters on PC/console. Snipers make sense, but I didn't think it would have that kind of impact. Neat.

Erik7357305d ago

It would, aiming is much more accurate on PC.

You have aim assist in console games enabled all the time because of that.

TXIDarkAvenger305d ago

Pharah + Mercy must be dominate on consoles.

TechnoGoat304d ago

Right now Ana is a stronger pick on console, cause Res is still broken AF.