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Carlos writes - "With family and friends frequently gathering around the dinner table, party games have become a bit of a commodity at my place. Of course, games such as Cluedo and Monopoly have long been hit favourites in the party game genre, but with the console community quickly growing, and the old school board games slowly being replaced by interactive online experiences, we now have many party games to choose from on console. With many options though, it usually takes something special in order for us to head back in again and again - can SpeedRunners be that game? Does it contain the memorable party magic needed, or will we push it to the back of our hard drives like a dusty old game of mousetrap, never to be seen again?"

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neil363307d ago

I played this the day it arrived via GWG and enjoyed it a little. Haven't touched it since. Think that says it all.

307d ago
Septic307d ago

I've enjoyed it. Good for a laugh with mates