Eye drilling causes Silent Hill: Homecoming ban in Australia

Silent Hill: Homecoming had been banned in Australia due to scenes of graphic violence. One of the few reasons for the complete ban is a scene where one character is torturing another, resulting in the tortured character having their right eye drilled.

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CloudsEnd3703d ago

What.. the.. !?
The Eye drilled? What does that mean? Does it hang out or something? Lol

Serjikal_Strike3703d ago

Now that sounds like a great Silent Hill game!!!

Marceles3703d ago

Sounds like a spoiler :(

Exorgasm3703d ago


Not even a major spoiler either probably but now I'll be thinking "Maybe this is where the eye drilling scene starts." at every cut scene. It's definitely not going to have the same shock value it would have if I hadn't read it in the headline of an article here.

devilhunterx3703d ago

you guys need to see a shrink. Fast.

Bennosaur3703d ago

I feel sorry for the Australians and their censorship board, I also feel sorry for myself as its a country I could definitely see myself moving to in the future and I don't wanna be playing games that have been censored. I know its not going to be a major part of the story but it's the just the principle of it. They never banned the movie Hostel for the blowtorch to the eye scene so why ban something similar just because its in a game. I just think its ridiculous, making it an 18 should be enough to restrict it to the appropriate audiences.

name3703d ago

Spoilerific! Thanks you guys!

mastemikegee3703d ago

no right eye... just like Big Boss