PS4 Boss Teases Exclusives Launching During First Half 2018

Exclusives are the lifeblood of a console and PS4 Boss Shawn Layden recently teased major games coming during the first half of next year.

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AspiringProGenji211d ago

There's Nothing like getting blockbuster games at the start of the year and throughout

thekhurg211d ago

Yep. Also I always appreciate the small lull in Sony exclusives at the end of the year. Let's me grab some of the bigger 3rd party stuff that always releases around then.

Woolly_211d ago

The best of their titles release early in the year.... the second half of the year leaves much to be desired.

Liqu1d211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Not really.

Ni No Kuni 2
Hidden Agenda
Yakuza Kiwami
Patapon remastered
GT Sport
Knack 2
Nex Machina
Everybody's Golf
Uncharted TLL
Gundam Versus
Horizon The Frozen Wilds

nX211d ago

Not only are you wrong, but the second half of each year is already filled with blockbusters - so why would you need more? You would just miss out on most of that since nobody has time to play so many games.

Woolly_211d ago

Nothing screams 'must play' in there...

GT Sport and DLC for U4 & Horizon. Everything else is good for padding the list.

Hellblade and Ni no Kuni 2 - > I don't need a PS4 to play those even then they don't scream 'must play'.

The list is serviceable ..

Perhaps at the start of 2018 . . We can talk then.

madforaday211d ago

Woolly you are putting your own bias into the equation. Since you don't want to play these games doesn't mean they are nothing. That is where a lot of people's opinion become incorrect even though they are opinions. You need to say the second half of the year leave much to be desired for myself. There are games on that list that guy posted where I don't want to play but I know there are popular games and people have been waiting for them for a while. Therefore I can't just say, oh Sony's second half is lackluster just because I don't want to play any of those games. There is a difference between a personally opinion and a regular opinion. A regular opinion you need to put yourself in other people's shoes and not just your own.

fenome211d ago

Just because they don't scream must play to you doesn't mean other people aren't looking forward to them, funny how that works huh? Options are nice.

Stogz211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Ok and usually MS has nothing for 9 months then drop everything they have at the end of the year when all the big 3rd party games are hitting. And what big games does MS have this fall? Forza? Crackdown 3 which doesn't look very good? Some indie games? Shouldn't get too ahead of yourself here pal... what screams must play out of those?

_-EDMIX-_211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Yeah I have no idea what you're talking about literally my entire calendar between now and the ending of the year is full!!!

Something screaming I must play to you is too subjective I'm sorry but if you're going to have a biased opinion about it you actually destroy your entire Point you're basically trying to say that subjectively to you nothing is interesting but at the end of the day you're also talking about a system that's just moved 60 million units and is still becoming one of the fastest selling consoles in history so what you personally like is not relevant to the point being made.

Let''s actually stick to stuff that's objective and not measured through emotion or personal feelings.

I mean you could copy and paste your argument for any single company

Legatus211d ago

"Hellblade and Ni no Kuni 2 - > I don't need a PS4 to play those..."

Aren't all of, your beloved, xbox "exclusives" also available on the PC ? Going by your logic there is absolutely no reason what so ever to buy xbox because all of his "exclusives" are also on the PC, right ? But, strangely enough you will never mention that in xbox "exclusives" threads, why is that i wonder, hmmmm ? That's a real puzzler...

Woolly_211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


you're onto something. .

nawh... if it makes you feel better. The whole year leaves much to be desired on Xbox as well.. even-stevens :)

also, the same PS fans that are quick to point fingers at XO/Win10 games add multi_plats to their exclusive lists like Liquid hath done above lol.

I should correct you. . you meant to say my beloved PC. Woolly_ doesn't own a console. Although the Switch is looking very attractive right now.


I agree with you. But the folks I'm dealing with don't deal with logic like you do lol

Surprisingly you didn't reply with an essay

phoenixwing211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

nothing screams must play? i mean it's not like undertale is an award winning game or anything... Not like the dlc coming to two of sony's most significant games of the past few years is coming. Lost legacy and Horizon dlc. FF 12 remake must be so boring to play an upgraded mainline FF game. GT Sport must not be an award winning franchise. and that's just off the top of my head. Not to mention that i'll be buying personally:

Ni no kuni 2
Hellblade (team ninja is awesome and underrated)
Yakuza kiwami
patatpon remastered (never played it last gen)
FF 12 (didn't play it during the ps2 years)
Uncharted TLL
Undertale (want to see what choices i make in the game)
Horizon Frozen Wilds

not to mention valkyria chronicles revolution and god wars future past and summon night 6 i'm buying as well for 2017

Legatus211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

"...if it makes you feel better. The whole year leaves much to be desired on Xbox as well.. "

No, i would feel better if MS would release some REAL exclusives to the xbox, who knows maybe that would made me buy the system.

"also, the same PS fans that are quick to point fingers at XO/Win10 games add multi_plats to their exclusive lists like Liquid hath done above lol."

Also, the same xbox fans that are quick to make a list of xbox "exclusives" point out that PS4/PC combo game is a multiplat lol.

" meant to say my beloved PC."

Yeeeaaahh..., i'm not convinced, you are WAAAAY more biased towards xbox and agains PS4 (comment history can be a real b*tch sometimes) to be a PC only gamer.

"Although the Switch is looking very attractive right now."

Yes, the Switch and the PS4 are very attractive consoles to have. Two awesome consoles that actualy have an awesome lineup of the true exclusive games.

bluefox755211d ago

@Wooly For someone that doesn't own a console, you spend an inordinate amount of time defending Xbox and trashing Playstation.

yellowgerbil211d ago

Meanwhile Xbox boss promises games coming in 2 to 3 years....

medman211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

This guy Woolly probably thinks Halo Wars is "must play". Then the drought all the way to Crackdown, which had about an impressive a showing at E3 as cat vomit on hot asphalt.

Some mother's do have them, folks.

Ceaser9857361211d ago

wolly if i go by your logic then Xbox has nothing to offer this year.. Halo wars i didnt play.. nor do i play forza and so on.... so Xbox has no zero games this year isn't it???

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211d ago
XiNatsuDragnel211d ago

Good distribution of AAA, indies, AA, A titles throughout the globe, and throughout the year is the best.

ssj27211d ago

Earth is flat. No a globe

XiNatsuDragnel211d ago

Lol goku at it again are we ?

But seriously though Sony's strategy is better than MS in my opinion.

BIGBOSS08211d ago

A few years back i became obsessed with this theory and it left me more confused than ever. The truth is we'll never really know for sure because nobody can see for themselves and verify with their own eyes. If only we could fly eh?

nX211d ago

^You guys are simply stupid if you think the earth is flat, case closed.

Foxhound922211d ago

I'm not going to sugarcoat this, but if you think the earth is flat then you're a moron. Simple is that.

BIGBOSS08211d ago

I didn't say I personally thought the earth was flat guys but my cousin is crazy about these conspiracy theories and used to go on and on about it. So I did a few searches on it and fell into the rabbit hole myself but that was ages ago when I was like 17 years old. Who cares anyway? The earth could be a damn triangle for all I care.

ssj27211d ago

First of all its not a theory but a fact. Theory are what pseudo science says. All the lie Nasa says. If you guys need to insult me or anyone with brain. You should be ashamed and also block from here for insulting me.
And yes sony is definitely playing their card smarter saying to third party thanks for your priority support and love. Have the holidays literally all for yourself. And yes sadly nobody can go high enough by themself to see it with their own eyes. Whoever thinks nasa who gets over 20billions in tax money or government couldn't lie to US or every other government or space agency it's then very naive.

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uth11211d ago

Seems like most major PS4 exclusives now come in the first half of the year. No surprise there.

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BlakHavoc211d ago

2018 could very well be another very strong year for games but for me 2017 will forever go down as the GOAT. I've already gotten 3 of my favorite games of this gen in Zelda, P5, and Horizon. Then we get NNK2, Mario Odyseyy, and Wolfenstein. 2017 is the best year ever for video games.

ninsigma211d ago

Wolfenstein is this year!? God damn. Think that's gonna have to wait a bit. Too many other games to get first!

SolidGear3211d ago

Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within II are both October. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider in September. Bethesda is killing it this year with those plus Prey.

Chevalier210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Plus Skyrim VR and Doom VR by November and I will be getting more Bethesda games this year then in the previous 3 combined.

HeisenbergX211d ago

Yessss Playstation is so kickass thank you Sony.. this year is ridiculous with all the games that have come out and are coming out later! so far one of the best years in gaming IMO. I'm sooo glad i own a PS4.

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