5 Disappointments of E3 2017 That Left Us Wanting

Reviewing the announcements or lack thereof that left us utterly disappointed at this year's E3.

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zcmilano396d ago

I was gutted that no Sony games are coming out this year. Luckily my backlog is enormous!

396d ago
Genuine-User396d ago

I think zcmilano might actually live under a rock.

Toiletsteak396d ago

GT Sport.
Knack 2.
Everybody's Golf.
Uncharted (standalone DLC)

I'm sure I'm missing more.

Stogz396d ago

Horizon DLC which I'm very excited for.

hulk_bash1987396d ago

Thank you, there are still a bunch of quality games coming out later this year. This fall is gonna be stacked and my wallet is gonna be empty.

travestyj396d ago

Ex Machina comes out tomorrow and is getting great reviews too. And that Uncharted DLC is supposed to be close to the size of a full game.

The_Hooligan395d ago


Is that DLC coming out this year? I had no idea. Did they release any more info about it?

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joab777396d ago

I kind was, lets be honest, but then I realized, it's for the best. I kinda like dthem ominating the beginning of the year, and leave the end to multiplats. But, Ni No Kuni 2 is coming, and something else, I forgot. But with partnerships and 60+ million consoles sold, it's better to string them along and give devs time to make them right.

They are actually doing the right thing.

uth11396d ago

I thought GT sport, Crash, and Knack 2 were coming this year?

littlezizu396d ago

Gran Turismo Sport
Everybody's Golf
Crash Bandicoot
Uncharted:Lost Legacy
Knack 2
Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds *DLC*
Yakuza Kiwami
Ni No Kuni 2
Hidden Agenda
That’s You!
Knowledge is Power
SingStar Celebration

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madhouse02396d ago

I thought Crackdown 3 looked average. Probably my biggest disappointment.

Deadlead396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Crackdown 3 was pretty underwhelming, honestly MS's conference completely failed to sell me on XboneX. I mean we waited a year to see "the monster" but where were the games? New Ori? Lucky Tale? Not exactly system sellers. In fact the most impressive games were all multiplats. Then that $499 price point, MS seriously botched E3.

My biggest disappointment however was no Bethesda Games Studios game announcement i.e. Starfield

V0MIT_M0NSTER396d ago

I have to agree with no firm dates from Sony. I'm excited for just about every one of their games, but it is nice to know exactly when to expect them. Not just 2018.

CP_Company396d ago

no firm dates,they just said it,that those games coming in first six month.anyways,they said it before,if they are not confident with release date,they do not shot it,so a little bit respect? it is more then 7 month til them.maybe we going to see more firm dates at PSX.

TFJWM396d ago

No firm dates is good imo it lets them shuffle them around depending on how development is going

basilboxer396d ago

I'm not really surprised Sony didn't announce anything for the rest of 2017. I did take issue with no release dates at all, though. I mean, we've been waiting for Detroit for a long time now... not even a window? Come on!

CP_Company396d ago

no need to invest some time in reading news before you post comment like this.Detroit coming 2018.
how sony did not announced if they announced? :/

DaGreatOne396d ago

Sony games for the rest of the year apparently do not count to a lot of individuals on here.

gamerpop396d ago

I won't be buying Switch until there is access to classic games.

Kingthrash360396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Buy a nes for 50$

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