How Can Kingdom Hearts 3 Live Up to Impossible Expectations?

Not so simple and clean

Last week, gamers around the world looked to Los Angeles as E3 took over the city with new game announcements and demos. However, one game noticeably absent from E3 proper was Kingdom Hearts 3. Instead, it was during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra concert (also in LA) that we received a brand new gameplay trailer and a promise that another trailer would be coming to the D23 Expo next month. This is all well and good but we still haven’t seen an extended gameplay demo of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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OmnislashVer36310d ago

Dude, everyone went nuts. Of course we're not getting an extended gameplay demo, they're showing off the new systems and letting us play it ourselves. KH has never been about that life, bruh. We also got 2.8 which was amazing and the systems are not getting downgraded.

It will live up to expectations as long as the story is good. Honestly I think this is a click bait article. I mean, seriously, the crowd was hooked, the internet went nuts. And if we get a release date next month the hype will go through the roof. The amazing battle system isn't going anywhere but up- and the story? Nobody wants to be spoiled on the story- what they've shown so far is enough. All we need is a release date.

Joel_Drake2310d ago

I wouldn't consider it clickbait if there's an actual list of things he thinks will make the game truly great.

OmnislashVer36310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Dude but that list has been every Kingdom Hearts game. Also "impossible expectations?". Really? BBS/BBS2 lived up to them.

New world S-E We already know they're exploring Marvel/Star Wars so they're interested in new worlds, whether or not those two can get approved. KH-BBS had a ton of new worlds as well. So far- Tangled, San Fransoyko, and Daybreak Town have been announced as well(as well as a new world next month). I wouldn't say this is an "impossible expectation". Seems like we're getting Pixar worlds now so really anything is possible.

Boss battles? Are you serious? Every KH has some ridiculous boss battles. We likely won't even get a Final Mix version this time as they can just do DLC as well.

End game content? Same as above, we always get extra boss battles.

And closure? Did you see the trailers? The story is taking a brand new direction. This is a high possibility.

We don't need an extended gameplay trailer to confirm most of this. Most of us want some surprises. And it's definitely NOT impossible with everything they've shown so far.

What's most important isn't an extended gameplay trailer, KH has never been about that life bruh, it's about a release date.

gutteranthems310d ago

I want to see some story. I'd like to know where they are picking up and have a rough idea of where they are planning to go.

TheOttomatic91310d ago

It won't it'll be like TLG and FF15 the people who love it will really love it and the people who hate it will really hate it.