More Intel Core i9-7900X gaming benchmarks (Project CARS, Battlefield 1, The Division, GTA V & more)

Intel has lifted the NDA for its new CPUs and below you can find some more gaming benchmarks, featuring games like Project CARS, Battlefield 1, The Division, Grand Theft Auto V, Hitman, Far Cry: Primal, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Civilization VI.

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T1125P276d ago

$999.99 Intel keep your overpriced crap. I have a 3770k but I'm done with Intel and going back to AMD. Cheaper and pretty even performance. Bring on Thread Ripper.

thekhurg276d ago

I'll stick with intel and nvidia. AMD is garbage.

MegamanXXX276d ago

Yeah Intel cpu's is just better

bradfh276d ago

Ryzen chip is half the price and about 70% of the more performance

thekhurg276d ago


Not for gaming. Ryzen doesn't match the i5 in that department. But for non gaming applications it's better.

Asuka276d ago

Don't know why these keep getting posted here. Skylake X isn't going to be practical for gaming as it is more of a workstation/content creation cpu. Plus its starting $999 USD. You could just get a 7700k and see the same if not better gaming performance for a fraction of the price. Heck at this point you may as well go Ryzen and get the higher core count with equivalent performance for $299.

Don't even consider Kaby Lake X. Its just Kaby Lake stapled to LGA 2066 socket. Why would you pay a premium for highend x299 mobo, but only enable 16 pcie lanes? Literally half the features on your +$250 x299 mobo will NOT work with Kaby Lake X smh

Sarcasm276d ago

Yup if gaming is the "only" thing you're doing, this cpu is not for you.

The_Kills275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Maybe in professional settings that argument may hold. Otherwise save a boatload and go Ryzen or wait for Threadripper in August.

Secondly, what is your divination for the existence of the 7740K? Think carefully, this will expose you are practical or utterly out of your mind.

Sarcasm274d ago

Odd trying to reply to The_Kills but I don't have a way.

I mean that purely as those folks buying this to just play games, you're better off with something else.

I personally have a 6700K and I'm very happy with my purchase. However if I did more than just play PC games on this machine, I'd probably get a Ryzen 1700 and have a nice all around system. But the fact is, I need all the IPC I can get for my G-Sync monitor.

Otherwise F Intel and their prices.

dcbronco276d ago

Intel has been getting over on people for years. They've been exposed now and it shows they have held back and gouged customers. Time for ARM to move up and send Intel to third place and oblivion.

dcbronco276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Just a matter of basic history. Just like IBM half a$$ed and let Intel move in, Intel got arrogant and is letting in AMD and ARM. People that don't see are the ones that will be sitting around dreaming of the days when their stock portfolio had value.

It's obvious Intel is still arrogant. You would think with the number of people now looking to AMD they would at least address the elephant in the room. But no. They think like you. No one can take them down. Just look at the way Sony fanboys hinder Microsoft based on nothing. AMD actually has an argument.

Intel believes they can lower the price and bump performance now but they aren't doing enough in either area for business. And if Threadripper is truly as cheap to manufacture as rumored AMD will be filling their R & D coffers. Look what they managed broke.

Intel can't afford to pay people off anymore. Regular customers will buy the cheaper option, the majority always goes middle of the road. Corporate can save half their budget or better with AMD. If Intel has invested all their money in an effort to milk customers they are about to be forced to spend all of the cash now trying to get headroom again. No more tic toc. Or tic toc toc. It's has to be all toc to bring new cheaper to manufacture technology which means your five year roadmap turns into a 18 month roadmap. Now you need to rush to build an actual 5 year roadmap.

And with all that going on ARM is gaining and will be moving into the desktop and laptop space with always connected system that are perfect for Chromebook and cloud based corporate business models. Intel probably saw that coming and pretty much gave up on mobile. But they didn't see Zen coming. Now they're being hit from all sides. Intel is the new IBM. Most CEOs are stupid. But they are usually smart enough to bilk the general public till the ride is over.

The_Kills275d ago

X86, do some reading as to why ARM won't be moving in.

Bobafret276d ago

Intel, the Apple of processors.

stinkytofus276d ago

just get the 300-400 intel cpu... the ones past 500 are for people who got the extra $