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Futuristic Whiplash

WipEout Omega Collection is a must have for any fan of futuristic racers, and with all the content it offers it’s a steal at $40. Anyone who wants to get back into these games or newcomers to the series need to pick this game up. It turned me into a major fan and I now eagerly await the next installment. But with all the polish and content this game has, the menu from WipEout 2048 still feels like it was optimized for the touch screen of the Vita, which makes it a little clunky and I’m surprised there isn’t a museum mode for the high quality 4K ships or a jukebox section so we can go back and listen to the stellar playlist. Those are, fortunately, the only gripes I can mention in an otherwise stellar example of how to do a remaster/port of a popular series.

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