My Heart Was Not Ready for Detroit: Become Human | The Zero Review

After playing nearly every game on the E3 show floor, only Detroit: Become Human elicited a real, honest feeling of suspense, surprise, and shock.

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NewMonday122d ago

David Cage finally getting it right, hiring professional writers also helps.

LP-Eleven122d ago

He got many things right with Heavy Rain and this is how Detroit can exist in the first place. This time, it's the best from Heavy Rain and Beyond wrapped into a very exciting project.

fenome122d ago

This sounds really good. I just hope the control scheme isn't all wonky though. I couldn't really get into Beyond: Two Souls because the controls were just weird, it broke the immersion for me.

Cy122d ago

Can't wait to get the domestic terrorist robots killed.

ChouDa122d ago

This game is going to be GANG... BUSTERS!