Of all Racing Games at E3, Project Cars 2 Outshines Them All

Project Cars 2 is here and it looks fantastic. Trying to differentiate a racing simulation game now-a-days is a monumental task. Besides the usual graphical upgrades, new car selections, and inclusion of famous racing circuits, news from the racing game camp can start to feel a little stale after awhile.

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crazychris4124213d ago

Anyone else burned out from all of these simulation racers? How much could they add gameplay wise when they are all trying to be realistic??

InTheZoneAC213d ago

It's a simulation racer, we want the best physics, sounds, and graphics. More tracks and more cars.

Obviously you don't care about these games...

Liqu1d213d ago

No. But I would like to see some more good arcade racers. NFS is trash right now, Burnout & Midnight Club have been abandoned, hopefully a new Wipeout happens. It's slim pickings when it comes to arcade racers.

LexHazard79213d ago

Burnout and Midnight Club would be awesome. Need for Speed Undergrounds were also good.
A new Grid would be cool too.

URNightmare213d ago

I want a new Motorstorm. Hell, a REMASTER of the first one would do it for me!

Ju213d ago

Oh f....g yes. Motorstorm release in full HD. That would be it

lokirevamped213d ago

You are so right, I use to love NFS.

freshslicepizza213d ago

I would also like a new Road Rash, although there is a game on the PC called Road Redemption which is ok.

For sim racing lots to choose from, F1 is another but Project Cars 2 is getting lots of great feedback.

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dumahim213d ago

That's why they have the most tracks of any console racer and include a wide variety of cars to use, like classic race cars of all sorts, rally, and go-karts of different levels. Sure the total car count pales in comparison to Forza 7, but new tracks and racing styles interest me more than having a bunch of cars that are pretty similar to each other.

LexHazard79213d ago

No way genre has always been one of my favorites. I get em all man Forza, GT and I got the first Project Cars with Gold few months ago. Bring them on..

ChouDa213d ago

You're just a lover of gaming!

XStation4pio_Pro213d ago

No. as someone like me who is a self-professed gear-head who loves racing and cars in real life they provide a much appreciated offtrack experience - especially if you have a good setup with wheels, pedals, seat, h-pattern shifter, clutch etc. mario kart or even drive club don't give you that realism and feeling.

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213d ago
zb1ftw777213d ago

This is hidden damage control.

PC2 looks good yes.

But Forza 7 stole the driving show by a clear million miles.

LexHazard79213d ago

Did you play Project Cars 2 at E3 or tried out a demo?

Dragonscale213d ago

Your comment is damage control more like.

chadwarden213d ago

thanks for elaborating why you think so

BlaqMagiq1213d ago

Project Cars>Forza any day, week, month, or year.

zb1ftw777213d ago

Not even close.

Laughable statement.

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NiteX213d ago

I guess if you're into sims. The Crew 2 sold me instantly.

XStation4pio_Pro213d ago

but its not an exclusive either! i was told that only exclusives are good but this says that this sim is better AND available on both consoles?! my world is melting. next thing you know they'll come out and say of the console versions the one x version runs best thanks to its huge power advantage... but we all know that a huge power advantage is only good for exclusives that run only on ps4. yup... more sarcasm.

Rude-ro213d ago

A single website... who are they?
Do people truly listen to websites anymore since most of them either work with others to negatively influence something for some reason or get paid to fluff up games that are just ok...

The game will release, there are more than enough ways to see the game without purchasing it.
Trusting the media nowadays is like trusting a toaster to warm your bath water as far as your money is concerned.

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