WipEout Omega Collection Review – Superb Controls Results in a Thrilling Experience | COGconnected

COGconnected: WipEout Omega Collection seamlessly blends three games from the series into one fantastically fast experience, with a perfect soundtrack and need for speed.

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Nodoze308d ago

I had the original and to be honest, control was one of the key issues against it. Constantly hitting walls, VERY difficult to progress and in turn I was unable to devote the time needed to become an expert to complete (and I LOVE Wipeout).

Is the control tweaked from original releases on PS3? Also does anyone know if this one supports 3D? Have to say this was a sight to behold in 3D on the PS3. Still looks fantastic.

Ron_Danger308d ago

No 3D and it controls the same. If you are having an issue with running into walls, make sure (especially in higher speed classes) you turn early, don't overly use your right and left air breaks, and double tap your air breaks to quick shift.

XStation4pio_Pro308d ago

the controls have in facf been dialed in, but that being said its still a very challenging game that requires lots of practice. the trick is mastering the airbrakes and how to slide left and right. i used to bang into walls left and right but now i can pretty much glide thru most tracks and its absolutely satisfying when you get there. its def worth the $35