E3 Impressions: Star Wars Battlefront II Aims True - Hey Poor Player

Despite the vacancy in the husk of Battlefront 2015, this year's Star Wars Battlefront II is showing signs of a repositioning into the right direction.

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Trekster_Gamer337d ago

I would still prefer not to play as the genocidal Nazi evil galactic Empire.
They should offer 2 campaigns Rebel and Empire

BlackDoomAx337d ago

Agreed. I would prefer to play as the Rebel terrorists.

Trekster_Gamer336d ago

You have a twisted definition of terrorists!

BlackDoomAx336d ago

As i can't reply to your reply, i write it here:

A poor desert farm boy being indoctrinated into a religious order by a bearded desert hermit who loves earth tone hoods and wants to overthrow the technologically advanced government and restore the old ways where religious authority was above all.

It's not mine, i took it here:

And we're not even takling about Rogue: One.

Everything is a matter of point of view ;)