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Push Square: "Nex Machina is everything that an arcade game should be: addictive and accessible yet bursting with hidden depth. Housemarque continues to be the master of the dual-joystick shooter with a sublime effort that harks back to the coin-op glory days of yesteryear. This is a near-perfect complement to the ridiculously good Resogun, and deserves to find a place among your PS4's hard drive space."

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UCForce179d ago

Another great game from Housemarque.

RpgSama179d ago

These guys are not only the best at what they do, they are on a completely different league, there is no competition.

IamTylerDurden1178d ago

Indeed, getting better reviews than Resogun and pushing a 90 Metacritic.

I'm happy i preordered, made a PS4 Nex Machina community, and have been pushing it on PSN and Twitter. I feel reassured that i was betting on the right horse now.

Ppl need to check it out for real. It's disheartening that i'm not hearing more chatter about the game, don't sleep on Nex Machina.

PeaSFor179d ago

Hell yeah, pre-ordered it asap since im a big fan of Stardust games, Dead Nation, Resogun, Alienation, Outland thanks to hundreds of hours of flawless entertainment!

179d ago
Dragonscale179d ago

Knew this would be good. Housemarque are great.

Ron_Danger179d ago

The beta was awesome so no surprise with this score.

MAULxx179d ago

Good review for what seems to be a fun Robotron style game.

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