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GamerKnights has just published a full review of the new "MXGP3" from Milestone.


"Tutorials also take a step backwards, with videos mostly replaced by some step-by-step guides, so the only way to get up to speed is by playing the game, probably by driving around at the back in your first few races of the trial championship season. These first 3 races only seem to exist to make your first full season less embarrassing. There are some more basic control options, and more difficulty options, but on the very basic settings, the game will still be too hard for many. Having played last year’s game though, I quickly got bored and started to ramp up the difficulty and physics simulation. Bikes then require a delicate touch of the throttle, and to succeed, you really need to manually control both front and rear brakes, located at LT and A respectively. More advanced players can then move on the controlling their rider’s stance using the right stick, although you can definitely get away with this on the basic physics setting."

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