Telltale Games – Leaving LucasArts to Defining a Genre

sean @ FG: The story of how Telltale games rose from the ashes of a cancelled Sam & Max game to become one of the more prolific studios on the planet;

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-Foxtrot369d ago

I think games like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn defined the genre more to be honest. TellTale have never pushed the genre forward or thought of new things. Just "what big franchise with an already established fanbase can we latch on this time?"

ps360s369d ago

I myself think telltale games are in their own genres...I have never compared them to Heavy Rain and Until dawn

porkChop369d ago

They're all interactive movies. It's the same genre. But Quantic innovate every time, and Until Dawn did a lot of things different.

ps360s369d ago

I know they are interactive and are the same genre but to me I always feel its different with the telltale games :)

porkChop369d ago

Yeah they've never tried to push the interactive movie genre forward. All their games follow the same structure and overall design, with very miniscule variations. They don't try to innovate or improve their design or style.

uth11369d ago

They weren't that in the beginning, but as soon as they discovered they could license big names for their games, that's all they did.

-Foxtrot369d ago

Thing is though back then when they did...

1) Nobody really gave a shit

2) Nobody scored them so highly despite the copy and pasted structure. But when they used something popular like the Walking Dead...OMG THIS IS AMAZING, PERFECTLY DONE.

If it was called The End of Days or something, a typical point and click Zombie game, it wouldn't have been cared about much.