Xbox One X: Blurring The Lines Into PC Gaming

Microsoft’s heavily anticipated Project Scorpio has been generating hype and anticipation for months, but much was revealed at E3 2017! How will this new, world's most powerful console perform compared to a PC? Read on to find out.

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PhoenixUp363d ago

The lines will always be apparent

slate91362d ago

Good organized article. I just hope and pray that neither Sony or MS go soft again on their next machines. Hopefully they will truly rival high-end PC's with 4k/60fps. If they come out in 2020, I feel like it could be standard with a $500 machine.

ninsigma362d ago

I'd say next gen will be native 4k all round but 30fps.

slate91362d ago

Yeah, 60 could be a little too hopeful.

ninsigma362d ago

There will always be something holding consoles back simply because of the price we want them for. Nature of the beast. But if all games next gen came with the option of 4k/30 and 1080p/60 that would great.

362d ago