GT Sport Release Date Listed by Official PlayStation Magazine UK

The official GT Sport release date has been listed in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) UK.

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Aurenar367d ago

Nice to know, but I think I'll just go with Forza 7 on PC

Majin-vegeta367d ago

And wat exactly does Does forza have to do with this?

Astros1367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

@majin-vegeta Same type of comment all ps fanboys post on said Xbox article.

However I cannot wait to get my hands on both titles!

Eonjay367d ago

GT. Is gonna curb stomp Forza. I think this is a given.

367d ago
nX367d ago

Let him be, trolling is the only fun Xbox users have these days. I would be pretty pissed if I choose an XB1 at the start of this generation.

medman367d ago

He doesn't know project cars II is also a least if he had mentioned that game, he wouldn't have embarrassed himself so.

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Alexious367d ago

Both are great games. Though I wouldn't discount Project CARS 2 this year.

Razzer367d ago

I'm actually looking forward to playing both GT and Forza.

367d ago
Razzer367d ago

Forza GT Motorsport Sport 7. That is my game!

MainstreamGamer367d ago

Hey this is N4G, there's no place for your common sense comments around here. Console wars are serious business /s.

freshslicepizza367d ago

"I'm actually looking forward to playing both GT and Forza."

Racing games have become quite competitive which hopefully means Polyphony will push harder because I think they have been relying too much on the brand recognition for far too long. Project Cars 2 is coming and look at what they have done in just a couple of years, same with Turn 10's Forza 7. F1 is coming too if you like Formula racing. Need For Speed looks pretty bad imo unless you are right into the Fast and Furious movies. Really liking Dirt 4 right now but thats a different racing type of game.

I am eager to see how much content is in GT Sport.

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As a true racing fan I think I'll go with both. Both have pros and cons...forza isn't perfect.

nX367d ago

I tried but I couldn't enjoy Forza though, just doesn't feel right even with assists off.

OtterX367d ago

Same here. I'm getting both. What's wrong with playing both? Why does everything have to be a "pick a side"?

Twignberries367d ago

@Aurenar Nice to know, but we couldn't actually give a flying f*** what you're gonna go with. But thanks for the useless info that makes no contribution to the subject.

Bruh367d ago

Nice? This is GT article bro, think you're lost

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ccgr367d ago

Perfect for the Holidays!

Liqu1d367d ago

Another game in between CoD and Battlefront 2. As big as GT is I don't know anyone would release their game anywhere near what are most likely the two biggest games of the year.

Alexious367d ago

Well, these are two hugely different genres.

BenRC01366d ago

Different genres, same wallet.

Sunny_D367d ago

It's the same timeframe that Gran Turismo 5 came out and still sold really well so I don't think Gran Turismo have any problem

367d ago
goatking367d ago

I find it kinda funny that the 7th forza, not counting horizon, got a release date and will release before the 7th gran turismo.

KickSpinFilter367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Let Congrat McDonald’s on selling its 300 billionth burger

gameforall367d ago

And you think that's a good thing. Well I suppose some like quantity over quality

goatking367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Forza games are pretty quality. I mean, forza 5 was rushed for the xbone launch, but apart from that forza is a fantastic series, just because they come out every year doesn't make them bad. Forza 4 and 6 were amazing and the horizon series is great too. If anything gran tursimo is more quantity over quality. Imo anyway.

TheColbertinator367d ago

GT will have heavy competition if so. Project Cars 2 and Forza 7 to boot.

Still its looking better than last year

Eonjay367d ago

Technically since its exclusive to one console the only Project Card. Same goes for Forza unless you want to add in a racer on the PC version. Let's face it Forza isn't gonna stop any racing fan on PS4 from getting Sport and vice versa.

Total sales is harder to predict since Project is multiplatform. If I had to bet I would say GT wins and the probably Froza unless Project has a bigger following I'm not aware of on all systems.

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