IGN AU: Saints Row 2 - A Co-Op Conversation

Everybody knows that the biggest, whitest O.G. in the IGN office is Australia's own Cam 'Phat Pants' Shea, who busts rhymes, caps and cherries like Run DMC wish they could. Patch, on the other hand, is all about the pimpin'. Of himself. Out to women. Women who mace him in the face. When these two thugs get together, you know s**t's gonna get real. With Saints Row 2 just around the bizend, there are few wiggas more naturally qualified to critique this sucker conversationally.

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WINZLOW3667d ago

there were white boys that acted mexican like since they were with the gang. maybe these white boys are actually form NY or something. lets try not to use the word wigger. it doesnt matter how you act, all that depends on where you grew up.

lets try not to demean people