TGR Review: LEGO Indiana Jones (PC)

TGR - "The story behind LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes the players through the storylines of the three Indiana Jones films. Each scenario -- "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Temple of Doom," and "The Last Crusade" -- follow the plot of Indiana's cinematic adventures, but in keeping with the E10+ rating, some of the more extreme moments have been altered to blunt the drama or to replace it with a more comedic interpretation of events. Remember the moment in "The Lost Ark" where the Nazi spy got his hand burned? In the game, he accidentally burns his rear when he sits on the heated medallion and bolts outside the bar; it makes the off-screen events a good deal weirder, however. They make for a lively and entertaining experience that may not ring true with the hardcore fans of the series, but will be enjoyable to those who have enjoyed the previous LEGO game adaptations."

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cain1413725d ago

Most the lego games are fun. Just really basic...