Microsoft Exec: Third Party Devs Blown Away By Xbox One X, “This Thing Is No Bulls**t”

Aaron Greenberg reveals that game developers are excited about the Xbox One X.

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Bigpappy396d ago

That right there is massively important, if ture

gameseveryday396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Indeed. But I really wanted exclusives on this thing. I dont like the "over" emphasis of 4K that MS is putting on Xbox One X. That machine can render insane visuals at 1080p if uitilized correctly. Imagine a full blown Gears 5 exclusive only on X, that would be amazing. But I guess this will be a dream only, for now.

naruga396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

the thing is powerful and it will get exclusives too...but remember all these in 1or 2 years from then Xone X will continuously stumble upon dozen of qualtiy exclusives from Sony...just imagine some of them-- Bloodborne2 (you know its coming or a similar hit from FromSOft ) FF VII , LoUS2 , GoW(not my personal favorite),the semi-exclusive ultra hit MonHunWorld (<3love there) , Death Stranding and many more that are in the tube ....literally will be one rough road for XoneX and at the end of it (when at last will have some exclusive to be worth pruchasing) - -PS5 will break loose leaving no hope for any competition ...literally i dnot know why MS chose that strategy instead of waiting to make an even more powerful XboxTwo to compete in next gen , this thing (Xone X ) is a walking undead, waitng to be headshooted ....

Death396d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn reportedly just broke the 3 million mark in sales which is very good. Not many games actually hit that mark and sales are still growing. As impressive as this is, it's still only 5% of the user base. Exclusives are a great way to differentiate a console, but the emphasis you and many others on n4g place on them is exaggerated and the only reason you do it is because it's the only thing left to brag about. Everything else that was important to the vocal fan base here on n4g has been addressed by Microsoft and now doesn't matter.

Face it, if Microsoft had more exclusives than Sony today, the issue would be there are too many and people can't figure out which to choose. Less would become better. Look how people are starting to complain that 4K games are too big now...

frostypants396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

@Death: "Face it, if Microsoft had more exclusives than Sony today, the issue would be there are too many and people can't figure out which to choose. "

What a ridiculous comment. Do you hear Xbox fanboys saying this now? I don't. You're inventing a speculative argument no one has made or ever would make.

"Look how people are starting to complain that 4K games are too big now..."

What's that got to do with exclusives? Totally different topic. The space 4K textures can take up is a viable issue due to the time to download, ISP caps, and the size of the HDDs found in consoles today. It's in no way an argument against 4K gaming. It's just an unfortunate reality of full 4K textures (which will generally hopefully be optional, not required).

dirkdady396d ago

Welp there u have it folks - only time u know something is BS is when the used car salesman tells u it's no Bullsh*t.

fenome396d ago (Edited 396d ago )


Horizon Zero Dawn sold that much in under 6 months, that's impressive no matter how you slice it, especially considering that it's only 5% of the user base. That means that there is still a lot of room for it to grow.

Over 3 million × $60 = over $180 million. That's huge for a new a
IP in a couple of months. I like seeing good games become successful, especially if they are new and fresh.

Exclusives aren't something Playstation fans are just now toting to try to deflect attention from Xone X, they're something we've always had. They're the main thing that differentiate the consoles, what's the point of having different consoles if they all play the exact same games?

They are also the reason PS4 has sold three times as many consoles as Xbox One. They just keep trying too hard in all the wrong places.

Death396d ago (Edited 396d ago )


What do exclusives have to do with an article about third party games? Weird how every positive article posted about Xbox One turns into "there are no games or exclusives" in the comments section.

To answer your question, no I don't see Xbox fans saying there are too many exclusives on PS4. It's the very vocal Sony fans that always have to have better and more. The way most of them talk, Sony sends out every single game published on PS4 for free, they all have played more than the 1200 games available on the Xbox One and they all have a killer gaming PC for Xbox One exclusives. Reality shows that the average PS4 gamer owns 7.5 games and excellent games like Horizon Zero Dawn appeal to 5% of Playstation owners. This is no slight against PS4 since exclusives regardless of platform are lucky to achieve this number. In their height of popularity GT and Halo came closer to 10% attach rate, but these are exceptions not the rule. The emphasis many are putting on exclusives and the size of each library is exaggerated to the point of being ridiculous. Look at the published stats, 50% of Xbox gamers used the b/c feature on their Xbox One and 5% of PS4 owners have bought Horizon. Look at the numbers on use for other features like Netflix on consoles. Check out the sheer amount of third party games compared to exclusives on PS4 and Xbox One. Features and benefits have more impact than any game. Both consoles have established core franchises and large diverse game libraries. It's not a question of games at this point.

The only reason so much emphasis is being placed on exclusives is because it is the last thing PS4 owners can hold over Xbox fans heads. You really have nothing to worry about. Dynamic 4K will look awesome with HDR and the games each of you love will not be impacted if Xbox does something better. You don't have to have the best or be the best in everything to enjoy what you have.

fenome396d ago


Nevermind, I was going to say the only reason I brought up Horizon or exclusives is because you did, but then I saw you were just replying to everybody up there ^^

OmnislashVer36396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

@ Death
So if Horizon is 5% of the user base guess how many are there for other AAA exclusive titles as well... I for one didn't buy Horizon because it didn't seem like my cup of tea. Nor did I buy Uncharted 4 for the same reason. But I'm here for Death Stranding, Spiderman, Shadow of the Colossus, Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us Part II, Dragon Quest XI, Persona 5, Neir Automata, and the list goes on.

Sony has far more AA/AAA titles and we're all here for something else.

It's like saying this. Say we ALL love stew. So we get a big thing of gravy mix(third parties). But we don't eat stew everyday. Furthermore, I don't like Paprika or Celery Seed in my food. (Uncharted and Horizon). So do I go with the store that only sells gravy mix?(MS and third parties?), Or do I go to the store that has all the spices I need, including gravy but use in lesser quantities. PS4 has my gravy, my salt, pepper, garlic powder, taco seasoning, cumin powder, and so on. I'm going to the PS store that has everything even if I don't use it as often. You MS supporters are chugging gravy and most are getting sick and jumping ship to PS4 as sales have shown.

It's a dumb analogy, but I'm trying to dumb down the picture for you. You're chugging third parties and wondering why MS is losing.

butchertroll396d ago (Edited 396d ago )


Quote :

To answer your question, no I don't see Xbox fans saying there are too many exclusives on PS4


You don't say. It's easy to find posts here on N4G. You'll be surprised.

dcbronco396d ago

Death is exactly right. The idea of Microsoft's deficiencies is some kind of misplaced insecurity projected on a corporation. Anything positive will be turned into a negative if Microsoft does it. Any negative will be blown out of proportion.

Look at price. Microsoft is often called greedy. They are taking a loss on X. People say the console cost too much. People don't buy their exclusives, highly rated or not. People say they need to make more. Sony charges for BC through Now, great service! Microsoft offers BC built in, Who plays old games?

They can't win. That's why they need to tell the critics to STFU and move on with their own vision. Stop trying to appease morons who obviously disagree with themselves.

Hell, Apple charges $900 for a phone that cost half what it cost to make Scorpio. No one complains. They look for a deal or wait for the price to come down. The reality is if you're constantly demonizing Xbox the reason is a lack of reasoning. You probably support some extreme political view on the far left or right. You probably latch on to some stereotype. You probably live your life based on "what you're supposed to do". How somebody told you it is. You gotta think for yourself. The crowd is usually stupid.

sd11395d ago

I don't think they should have exclusives for the next 2-3 years. Especially as ms are releasing ltd exclusives at the moment anyway.

fiveby9395d ago

I imagine a Gears 5 would be Play Anywhere. And frankly I don't think MS would mind at all if people bought their games on PC via their store. Also, you think MS would relegate Gears 5 to only 1X and drop orig X1 support? Never happen. They'd be leaving alot of money on the table by dropping orig X1.

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S2Killinit396d ago

If MS exec says its true, then it must be true.

Aenea396d ago

It's not just the MS exec, it's also on the internet!

dirkdady396d ago

Am I the only one seeing Aaron Greenberg sweating profusely with a gold chain necklace with his shirt unbuttoned one too many trying to sell me a pinto?

LexHazard79396d ago

The problem Im having is that you think its only MS execs praising the X. You know there have been quite a few devs already confirming this. But to keep with the hate narrative you play dumb...

dirkdady396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Lex I prefer to let the games and the devs do the talking. Give me silence from MS as anything they say will ultamately sound like hollow marketing.

I mean give it break don't oversell it or it will blowback. It's a 4K machine not the next gen coming of console nirvana some ppl seem to think. It will render games at 4K - it won't have exclusives and it won't have games that are designed differently for it.

thekhurg396d ago


Nobody cares what random indie developer thinks about hardware he's partnered with to release a timed exclusive on. His "opinion" is laughable when it comes to finding honesty.

jrshankill396d ago


Condemnedman396d ago

you could just read to stories about things you like instead of trolling MS

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frostypants396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

It's important that Xbox's Product guy says that devs like their system? Really? Do you find it equally important that Kraft Mac N' Cheese claims to be "the cheesiest"?

We all know what the system is capable of at this point. The specs are in black and white and there's not some unknown secret sauce here. No need for such fluff pieces or anyone's opinion on how fast it is, because everybody *knows* what we're dealing with. All that matters now is the games.

fiveby9395d ago

MS is having a tough time messaging this new console. On the one hand they have to portray it as vastly superior to anything out there performance wise. But this speaks to not only their competition but also their own product the X1. Much of their install base, particularly kids who rely upon their parents to buy their console, are going to feel like they are second class. So imagine the kid who gets a X1s last year and now has to go tell his parents oh I need the X1X now. So who is MS's target market this year? I have to imagine it's loyal XB players with disposable income ready to spend on an upgrade. MS needs game releases, not announcements. Announcements are nice but till delivered everyone takes them with some skepticism.

LOCO209396d ago

If true are your key words right there ...

fr0sty396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

What about your first party devs, what do they think about it?

"Um, let me see... *whispers off into the corner cubicle* What do you think about it?"

"...He says it's awesome."

joab777396d ago

What's important is a clear vision. This is not a new gen, but an upgraded 4k option. And 1st party titles sell consoles!

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XiNatsuDragnel396d ago

So far it's quite mixed results

Neonridr396d ago

so you are saying that some devs aren't excited at what they can do with the Xbox One X?

LexHazard79396d ago

Cant make this shit up...
Mixed results? .Link me a developer who hasnt been impressed with The X. Not a Sony dev either.

396d ago
OMGitzThatGuy396d ago

Mixed results are from Sony fanboys posting "LOL its not 4k 60fps in all games, suck it Xbone fans"

tyasia0396d ago (Edited 396d ago )


"Mixed results are from Sony fanboys posting "LOL its not 4k 60fps in all games, suck it Xbone fans"

Let's be honest here Xbox fans caused there own downfall on that one by constantly saying every game was going to 4k/60fps. They even called people who tried to be rational about the situation and point out that wouldn't be the case names.

And it was Microsoft's fault for misleading the gullible by basically implying that would be the case with all there over-hype and false advertising.

396d ago
EatCrow396d ago


You ask for honesty and then go on to lie.
It was blatantly obvious that not all games would be 4k...but wasnt at all surprising to see certain people jump on that fact like it was something "new" and unexpected.

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Gh05t396d ago

Which developer has not liked the One X?

JasonKCK396d ago

Where are those results?

Maybe they're under that mound of salt.

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corroios396d ago

At 499 they cant be. If the sales of the pro are much lower the og...

Raiden396d ago

4k @60fps, give it one year and see what happens 4k @60fps, ps5 will land in 2019-20, no sooner, the next Xbox 2021-22 maybe [email protected] as a option if you have a 8k monitor and it will be BC as standard and have more first parties than current.

jznrpg396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Wtf are you smoking 8k 120fps is a 200k pc in,2020

Eldyraen396d ago

No console is going 8K any time remotely soon (next 10 years probably).

Next gen will be 4K/60 for all (but nintendo probably) and actually be manageable and better looking than now too. Probably better physics too like some games skimp on in at least 1-2 ways (Horizon was gorgeous but no real Aloy enabled water physics for one). Vegetation physics is also usually varied (the walking through ones instead of plants moving with you--which U4 at times did better than even Horizon, at least on a more often basis).

BlackTar187396d ago

lol it's gonna take another 3-5yrs for 4k to take off on the consumer market and you're talking 8k?

Lol slow down

XStation4pio_Pro396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I work with video game studios a lot (we do a lot of trailers and in-game cinematics like rise of the tomb raider) and as such I have made a lot of friends and contacts as well as working relationships (bonus is I always get free games) but literally everyone I talk to is impressed by this console and they are all wanting to push things further with it which will only make things more amazing on the consumer side. The buzz on the floor at e3 was also fantastic for it.

sho0ok395d ago

Shhhh.... don’t say that, fan-boys will say that you lie and you don't work with video game studios just so they can still think XBOX X is Sh!T.

tyasia0396d ago

This is a statement coming directly from Microsoft PR which should put into perspective how objective it is.

Of course devs aren't going to say anything bad about it, Microsoft is a partner. But what people should keep in mind is how after Microsoft E3 show everyone was gloating about how EA gave it so much praise till it was pointed out that EA basically said the exact same things about the PS4 Pro at it's launch.

No one is going to come out and say anything but praises. We'll see as time goes on how much is talk and how much is reality.

shiva1396d ago

Yup i know. You would never believe all this talk unless yoshida and cenry come to you personally and say "zis is de beast zat we mizzed and did Pro".

I also understand that you have to live with it for next two years too or may be more.

ImGumbyDammit396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Of course I know in a strange way you really mean to say, "Death Stranding" (DS) is going to suck. Because obviously when Sony's Shawn Layden said the other day he played it and it was going to be "revolutionary and more" that is what you should do twist that PR to into something else, right? Ignore his PR words and create your own interpretation. Anything a companies spoke hole says you just twist it to mean what you want it to mean. They can't be trusted. Knowing that we should just assume it is all PR BS and DS is actually in dire straights, Kojima is a pain to work with and Sony is overall worried right? Obviously it must be true, DS was not at E3, but Layden has played it, so all is good. What else is the CEO of SIE, the highest PR agent of a a company, going to say right,? It obviously can't be "revolutionary" oh and "more". /s Well, at least with the XBOX there are multiple outside sources praising it. So, even if you think this is PR from Microsoft it just isn't one guy blowing smoke like Layden is for DS.

And before all you PS4 fanboys get your tighty-whities in a bunch I don't think DS is having issues and I look forward to the game. I am just having fun with his assumption that everything from a company employee means it is not objective and truthful. And in the case of the XBOX, there are dozens of other developers and industry insiders saying the same thing as the Microsoft exec.

BlackTar187396d ago

Well MS is caught talking up their stuff to levels they never reach all the time. I mean all the time.