Horizon: Zero Dawn Tops 1st Place, ARMS in 2nd [UK Sales Chart]

When numbers shows, it also shows how successful a game is commercially. Last week, Guerrilla Games’ open-world new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn, has snatched 1st place of the UK Sales Chart last week.

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Nyxus98d ago

Great to see Horizon back at number 1!

_-EDMIX-_97d ago

Are you serious? That's absolutely insane!!!

This game is breaking some records for Sony right now.

This is a good thing as it shows that indeed they need to focus on new intellectual property and that their methods are not as strange as some might think.

This shows that Sony need not worry about being complacent, any Studio could have a diamond in the rough.

Taking risk pays off.

I also say that about Arms as well that game debuting at number two is a big deal for a new IP.

indysurfn97d ago

This game has it all.....Game play.....HDR 4K graphics that make you wonder how can it look any better? OPTIONS...OPTIONS...OPTIONS! Also the games art style makes you also say how can it look any better!

Impressive that ARMS on a system that only has a few consoles out came in second. I guess all the people saying it is will have deep gameplay where right.

_-EDMIX-_97d ago

@indy-agreed. Horizon zero Dawn might be one of my favorite looking games this generation.

Well you would also have to factor that Arms is one of the very few ground up switch games that have been made.

Mario Kart in Zelda have primarily took over, but arms is a game that can only be found on the switch so a lot of people want to check out this never-before-seen type of game.

I'm not too sure how that translates into How deep the game is but clearly it must be enjoyable enough for that many people to purchase it day one, especially for a new intellectual property

UCForce98d ago


XiNatsuDragnel98d ago

Exclusives don't sell consoles though lol. What happen to that speech Xbox fanatics?

UCForce98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I remember Phil Spencer said that SP games didn't have huge impact, but he completely wrong about that. I'm not insulting Phil, but he pissed me off when he just said like that.

SolidStateSnake98d ago

Phil is completley detached from reality. And this isn't exactly the first singleplayer PS exclusive to sell high amounts.

Why o why98d ago

He isn't detached he's just trying to downplay their worth because we all know ms are deficient in that area.

Well done to gg for stepping out of their comfort zone and well done to Sony for believing in said step.


Yeah Phil is definitely wrong about that. The older I get the less I want to play online multiplayer. I'm enjoying single player games once again.

SmielmaN98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Phil says things that he knows his fan base will eat up and repeat ad nauseum until he says something else stupid. After Phil said "ecosystem" that became everything to be die hards. Same with cloud, AR, and now single player games don't have an impact. He couldn't be further from the truth and just shows he knows very little about video gaming.

notachance98d ago

said the man wasting MS's money to secure timed indie exclusives instead of making new studios or new IPs

indysurfn97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I think Phil has been hearing about HALO since the original xbox exploded the multiplayer world with people having LAN parties and all. I think it has kinda blinded him to the fact that most people like a single player campaign and will pay big for it.

Remember FFVII in Japan back in the day it was $90+ in Japan! The list goes on for single player games(not at that price though). GTA anyone? The exception is games like Destiny (only a few big ones). Phil is kinda backwards. Yes there are a few but most people are playing single player games. Even forza and gears have single player and people will not settle for a multiplayer only version of those games.

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Fazraza98d ago

New IP's like Horizon don't sell consoles, there are 60 million+ PS4 owners, 3 million of them ended up buying horizon, not that hard to believe...

XiNatsuDragnel97d ago

Dude they do sell but dmg control needs to stop.

Darkfist_Flames97d ago

so tell me what about all that xbox install base that hardly bought any of those exclusives games, hardly anyone bought halo 4 or gears4 and thats xboxs best selling games xD

_-EDMIX-_97d ago

Then why is the PlayStation 4 at 60 million units and not the Xbox One?

I'm not saying that each individual game is justifying the entire install base but it's very clear the collective of exclusives on this platform is why it's selling more there is no other reason that one system would sell better than the other.

The only reason would be that there's content that is offered on one side that is not offered on the other so what you have to understand is that doesn't actually mean the 60 million collectively all is buying it for Horizon but clearly the combined install base is buying it for a combination of its exclusives and multi-platform offerings.

The likeliness says when you look at services like streaming services or even satellite with Dish Network vs. DirecTV what tips the scales is either going to be pricing or it's going to be exclusive content it's actually not that the content on both platforms is bad it's simply that it would make more sense to purchase based on what you could only have on a platform not what you can have on both.

If you had the choice between Netflix which has every diculous amount of exclusive content versus another service that basically had all the same shows as Netflix but not Netflix is exclusive content you would still side with Netflix.

It's not that Orange is the New Black has 30 million fans... It's simply that if both streaming services are equal besides their exclusive content why would you ever side with something that gave you less content?

I mean look at it this way both streaming services can have the arrow Supergirl and all your favorite CW shows but if one of those Services has a plethora of exclusive content even if you just like one of those shows like House of Cards you've just justify the reason why it's a no-brainer to side with more versus less.

I mean using your stupid logic 60 million owners are not buying any one particular property on any platform like that is Gears of War selling 25 million units? is breath of the wild selling 14 million units on Wii U despite an entire install base existing for that game for years wanting it?

Those new intellectual properties combined collectively are why PlayStation 4 is at 60 million units because you're going to have to explain to me how a system gets to 60 million units having the same thing as everyone else clearly the decision to buy PS4 was based on what they could not get anywhere else

And that's not based on one particular property that's based on a combination of dozens of properties. Sony's exclusives as a whole combined is why they're out selling their competition there is no other reason somebody is buying a system if it's not for games.

Legatus97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

HZD sold 3.4 million units in it's first 2 months. Seeing it still be a top seller even after more that 3 months after release, the game will hit lifetime sales of 6+ million easily and the best new IP of this gen fully deserves it. This can't be said about new IP's exclusives from MS.

ooquis97d ago

I Waited for the pro bundled with the game.This game is the reason I gota pro.

UCForce97d ago

Well, it's better than your so called "exclusive". But seriously, you need to stop with that damage control.

Fazraza97d ago


Better than my so called "exclusive"?

Wtf does that even mean lol


"Halo 4 grossed $220 million in its first 24 hours of release alone, marking a new record for the series."

I assume you meant Halo 5, in which case a quick google search will show you that is has sold over 5 million copies, but that's not relevant to me like you so wish it was, never touched an xbox controller in my life, funny how I'm using actual logic (which I still firmly stand by) and get downvoted by the masses whereas you're spewing unhindered fanboy bullshit and get upvoted, tells you a lot about the power dynamic here doesn't it

UCForce97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Well, you have your flawed logic. So you deserve get downvote. Put the logical side away and think about what you said. @EDMIX is not perfect, but he has logic and heart than you.

Edit : If you think fanboy disagree with you, think again. There are also people who hate your flawed logic and will disagree with you completely.

Edit#2: By your flawed logic, MS haven't show their Xbox One Sale Units for years.

rainslacker97d ago

Halo 1 sold Xbox's. Gran Turismo 1 sold PS1's. Gears of War pretty much solidified the 360. Legend of Zelda rocketed NES to the top coupled with Metroid. Sonic the Hedgehog made people take notice of Sega and Genesis took off.

New IP can and do sell consoles. A game selling 3.4 million in such a short time is a pretty significant number, and if you believe there weren't a lot of people who brought the console for the game, then you are deluded. This was a hugely hyped game, and with the critical success, people are going to be driven to want to play it.

I know one person who brought a PS4 for it, and know another guy who wants a PS4 for days gone.

So, not hard to believe that new IP's do indeed sell consoles.

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Darkfist_Flames97d ago

the thing is that Exclusives only need to have good sales, which is hardly any of xbox games managed to do xD

_-EDMIX-_97d ago

I like how over the years Xbox Fanboys we're not really that different from PlayStation Fanboys we just get the classic list War every E3.

And then when Microsoft was entertaining PC a lot of the Xbox Fanboys were saying stuff like "well why would they do that? There would be no point to owning an Xbox so they're never going to make Halo multi-platform"

Then Microsoft confirms every title they release is now going to be on both platforms


Xbox Fanboys be like "what are exclusives really?"

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arijitfrens200698d ago

With Frozen wilds coming the sales gonna rise more... Happy for GG...

98d ago