Silent Hill titles are not showing on PlayStation Store

Horror classics still scares a lot of players, and with the likes of Konami’s Silent Hill franchise it definitely lives on as the most successful horror survival video-games in history. Now, a NeoGAF user, Lime, noticed something odd from Sony’s PlayStation Store and shared it on the GAF.

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zielocz3k305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

They should be available digitally long time ago on PS4 at least as PS2 Classics. Konami just dont give a fuck about this.

GamesMaster1982305d ago

And this is a big reason why i will never go all digital. Well this and the rip off digital prices. Because one day the greedy ass developers will pull the game and you will no longer have acess to it. They dont give a [email protected]@t they have your money alradey. At least with a disk its always there.

OtterX305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

You do know, once it's purchased you can still redownload it. Another Konami title Suikoden II went missing from the Vita store, yet I can still redownload it from my list.

*edit- Duke Nukem Classic on Vita is another one missing, but I can still redownload it too.

GamesMaster1982304d ago

Yes you can but what about when its gone from the store completly can you redownlaod it again then ? And if developers think i am paying nearly double the price for a digital downlaod with no resale value compared to retail price they must have a screw lose.

_-EDMIX-_304d ago

I think you greatly misunderstood how that works.

Once they remove that game from the store I'm not really sure what's Sony's policy is going to be but I believe it's likely Reliance on the publisher even having the game exist on the store to be re-downloaded. Even if let's say they allow you to redownload for the four times or five times that you're allowed in after that I don't see them supporting it in fact I'm not even sure they're even going to let you re-download it at all.

OtterX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

GamesMaster1982 Show me one example of a game taken off of the digital store where it still wasn't available for download by owners?

Heck even over on Steam, Alan Wake and the expansion has been taken off the store because of the expiration of the music license. But you know what? I can still redownload my copy.

Just show me one example.

You guys are talking about hypotheticals, but so far there isn't an instance where it at least didn't stay up for redownload for people who paid. PT demo doesn't count, it was a demo for a canceled game.

*edit-Suikoden II does seem to show up on the online store site (perhaps the PS3?), it just doesn't show up on the Vita store anymore for me.

OtterX304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

And Silent Hills 2-4 were never available on the digital store. I remember looking for them several years ago. I never looked for the others.

I know this is more of a Konami Hate-wagon piece. I get that. I'm ticked at them too in their business decisions. However, this article never should have been passed if the author had done a little research.

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_-EDMIX-_304d ago

When Metal Gear Solid V was coming out I actually bought Symphony of the Night on PlayStation Network as well as the first Silent Hill because I knew it was very likely that Konami was going to continue removing games and I was right to make that call.

They likely can't afford to pay for the licensing or don't want to.

Look what happened with PT that was one of the biggest things that sparked me to buy the Konami titles digitally that I wanted I even got all the suikoden games downloaded on PlayStation 3 because I 100% knew this company was going to do some stupid crap like this.

I've been slowly making a digital library up some of my favorite PlayStation 1 titles.

Ethereal305d ago

Woo. Glad I still have my originals and the HD collection. Physical will always be my go to until they pry it from my cold dead hands.

Pancit_Canton305d ago

Maybe Sony told Konami to **** off and your **** with you.

pwnsause_returns305d ago

thats fine. im not planning on buying Konami games, cause **** Konami

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