Sony's Spider-Man could be the superhero's rise to fame | MWEB GameZone

Spider-Man sounds like it is going to be one of those superhero games that we will simply love to play. We have the latest details from a behind closed doors session with the game.

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Sillicur306d ago

Looks like he will be able to do "everything a spider can" and more :)

FallenAngel1984306d ago

The superhero has already risen to fame

Sillicur306d ago

In videogames though? I didn't really like any spidey game yet

Bigpappy306d ago

True. That is the most bone headed headline I can recall ever reading. "Spiderman raise to fame"? WTF?

Even in video games Spiderman has always had the best super hero games. Batman recently share that top spot, but Spiderman games have almost always been good video games.

extermin8or306d ago

Uhhh the ps1 games spiderman 2 on ps2 and the cell shaded spidey game. That's about it. Of late batman has had 4 quality tiles in a row we are talking like a decade since the last genuinely good/great spiderman game.

FallenAngel1984306d ago

@ Silicur

Hell yeah. Spider-Man has a lot of great games to his name that other superheroes besides Batman don't have.

Apocalypse Shadow306d ago

Decent article. But Spiderman is already famous. Maybe you mean a return to the fun factor we had when playing and swinging for hours (yes I did that. It was that fun) in Spiderman 2(Xbox version).
Did anyone else jump off the tallest building and save themselves at the last millisecond with a web swing? Loved that too.

Actually, even the Dreamcast version of Spiderman was good with Stan Lee narrating. Met him in person in Vegas and got an autograph on an Iron Man comic.
Oh man! The fog! The fog! Don't miss that. Loll!

It does look good though. I hope Insomniac gets the job done.


As a superhero game this could go either way it could be a total piece of trash which a lot of superhero games are but I'm hoping it's going to be great I'm pretty optimistic and I even have my pre-order in on it but time will tell.

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