Capcom and Bandai Namco Announce Cross-Licensing Agreement to Accelerate Production, Reduce Costs

Today Capcom announced with  a press release that the company is entering a cross-licensing agreement with Bandai Namco.

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FallenAngel1984274d ago

I still don't see Tekken X Street Fighter coming anytime soon

Summons75273d ago

I honestly thought it was canceled years ago.

PhoenixUp273d ago

That game already came out in 2012. Tekken X Street Fighter on the other hand is still a no show

XiNatsuDragnel273d ago

Oh okay then when's that ever coming out.

Sam Fisher273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Greaaaat marvel vs capcom bandai namco!!!!

Oooo ryu vs goku

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

Oh thank God!!

this company has been in shambles for a long time so it's nice to hear them partnering up so they could exist longer.

Sadly one of my predictions this generation was that Capcom may not make it out as a company and they might go under or sell their properties.

I hope this manages to give them some stability and longevity but I also hope they remain much more conservative because Resident Evil 7 played very conservative with its roots being grounded in the older Resident Evil Concepts I think they need to have more safe releases like that as I don't think they could afford any of these big Triple A risky Juggernaut releases.

MeteorPanda273d ago

Capcom is stable...maybe not so much in the west but they own japans version of world of warcraft: monster hunter.

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

They're stable now and I would say they're much more stable now than they were a few years ago.

I simply mean in shambles in comparison to what they were prior to.

Talking about a company where in 2014 they were open to being bought out.

We're also talking about a publisher that needed Sony Microsoft and Nintendo to assist in many of their games in regards to publishing marketing distribution in even funding.

I think people need to understand my comment is not hating on Capcom in my comment is not saying I want something to happen to them bad it's simply looking at where they're at right now is nowhere near what they were 15 years ago.

They have less output which I'm actually okay with now because I believe they should be a bit more conservative on their releases.

But I think we need to be honest on where this company is financially.

I'm sure monster hunter is a great series for them I'm never going to say that doesn't move units but my comment is in regards to the rest of their Studios. You're not seeing multiple Devil May cry's or onimusha and many series are just taking permanent standstills because of their financial situation currently.

_-EDMIX-_273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

This company is not making the same number of games they used to make 15 years ago a plethora of their best developers have left to go elsewhere .

ie Shinji mikami with The Evil Within
Platinum Games with Bayonetta Nier etc to a lesser extent Recore

Not to mention they're use of Outsourcing that we saw with Dead Rising and Devil May Cry that resulted in lessening of the quality of those games which resulted in low sales.

Monster hunter is a big deal don't get me wrong that's not even what I'm trying to say.

I'm simply saying this company financially is not the same company that was 15 years ago.

I don't even know of another publisher that is needed Sony Microsoft and Nintendo to help fund or publish or Market or distribute several of their games.

That is how bad things got at Capcom.

So when a company is telling you they're open to being bought out you need to understand it as a cry for help it is then saying financially we may not be able to keep this company afloat.

I'm not saying I want those things that happen I'm simply stating the facts regarding this situation as Capcom is still one of my favorite publishers in developers in gaming but it is clear that their list of quality titles has shrunken drastically.

Look at Street Fighter 5s launch, look at Dead Rising 4....

Titles like Resident Evil 7 performed well for them financially if you consider they put less money into that game then they did Resident Evil 6 or 5 which was big Blockbuster multi-million marketing type games

Monster Hunter has also been able to survive really well selling huge Millions and still maintaining a strong base of fans in quality.

I'm not throwing a blanket over the entire company and saying every last one of their games is trashed I'm simply objectively talking about their finances and saying that things are not as great as they were before.

My prediction of the possibility of this company going out of business is simply just our prediction it is not a hope and it is not something I want to see.

I'm happy to hear that they're making Monster Hunter World on three systems with no help by Sony or Microsoft, it shows that the company is much stronger in stable.

But that doesn't mean I'm not going to worry.

I mean the fact that they're even teaming up with these Publishers is clearly showing you that they understood that they weren't in the best financial situation so I'm not sure how anybody could disagree with that they need help because if they never needed help in the first place why would they be seeking such a partnership? Why would they be going to Sony Microsoft or Nintendo for those financial assistance?

Resident Evil 7 not being some big Blockbuster wannabe Call of Duty with a huge marketing budget very much showed me that they're playing it very safe and being conservative because they probably cannot afford it ridiculous 600 Man team like they were doing with RE6 or did you guys forget that ridiculous budget?

Yeah two years later they were open to being bought out.

That's what I'm talking about when I'm talking about their current financial situation compared to 15 years ago.

TH3 GAM3273d ago

The last couple of fighting games from Capcom has been mediocre at best. Even the MvCI looks...okay.

Gamist2dot0273d ago

Marvel vs Capcom vs Namco... tag teaming with PACMAN/Soul Calibur/Gundam characters hum....

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