Xbox One X: "All of your games will play better"

Nichols: "Many many many games are just automatically going to get better."

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Septic214d ago

I hope Titanfall 2 gets a fps boost so it's at 60fps constantly. That would be wicked

Webbyy214d ago

Have no fear, I wouldn't be surprise if xox runs it at somewhat high pc settings.

4Sh0w213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

'meh, forget the fanboy crap.

I just like the fact that X1X will automatically run alot of games better, than my vanilla X1, not that it was ever really a big problem. I understand this is not going to be anything super fancy but how cool is it that it will make small visual improvements, make framerates more consistent/locked and cut load times for alot of my games= enhanced, plus of course many games will get the full 4K treatment. That's just great console hardware design any way you look at it.

S2Killinit213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

True. Although I believe this is what PS4 Pro does as well. They had a name for it, I forget.

Skull521213d ago

This my friends is how you make a mid generation console the proper way.

andrewsquall213d ago

Maybe some people will actually buy it now then? But if its about the gameplay it should have sold most of what it will sell by now and that's that.

nitus10213d ago

I don't doubt that many Xbox games may look better (depends on the game) but as to playing better I very much doubt it since if you as an XB1 or XB1s player you would be at a decided disadvantage when playing a multiplayer game against people who have the XB1x. That is commonly called "Pay to Win" and would be like a slap in the face to all other XB1 players.

I do think the above scenario is something Microsoft would want to avoid at all costs.

4Sh0w213d ago (Edited 213d ago )


What are you talking about, the fps in multiplayer will be the same, other than that just because there are small visual enhancements and faster load times in SP, ect won't make you better than another player, less annoyed maybe but NOT better by default, that's the same difference as some players having better TVs and audio setups, its a better experience but it doesnt give you a measurable advantage over other players online. "Pay to Win", pffft, no, just no. lol

Woolly_214d ago

That's good to know... Initially I thought this wouldn't be the case...
but with the list of games running much better than Pro increasing. .
Looks like MS was right.

The Awx is handling business. .

Aenea213d ago

"the list of games running much better than Pro"

Aren't you mistaking the list of games with One X improvements with a list of games that are known to run better than the Pro? It might actually be the case, we don't know yet, would be weird if most wouldn't at least show some improvement over the Pro version, but you're getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you?

sho0ok213d ago

Aenea = Moldy on steroids

Woolly_213d ago

no matter how you spin it... The Ox slayeth the Pro at least when running the same games.

343_Guilty_Spark213d ago


Aenea's mom took his he is left to troll us everyday. Just ignore him.

Aenea213d ago


"Aenea's mom took his he is left to troll us everyday. Just ignore him."

Actually, I am probably old enough to be your mom. Perhaps I should confiscate your consoles and kick you out of my basement!

XMarkstheSpot213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

If youre old enough to be a mom, but write some of the fanboyish comments out of your keyboard, you need to grow up quicker. At first before E3, you were a little mum, now that E3 is over you went full R on every Xbox article so far practically trying to flame a war that should be out of your age range

sho0ok213d ago

@Aenea So your a woman? hmmm...that explains many things.

@343 Problem is he the first one to reply in every XBOX article with some twisted theory that he and some fan-boys only gets. He spins every positive XBOX article into a negative, which sets the tone for the fan-boys to join HER.

My conspiracy theory is Aenea and Moldy are the same person, and that person is the owner of n4g.

He needs people to start a console war so he can get more hits, thus more money. :)

Aenea213d ago


You Xbox fans and your crazy conspiracy theories!

sho0ok213d ago

@Aenea am just dropping down to your level :)

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Silly gameAr213d ago


The real question is, will anyone but hardcore xbox fans care if a new 500 dollar system can play games a bit better then an older console that's cheaper?

XiNatsuDragnel214d ago

Frame rates is more important not resolution.

XStation4pio_Pro213d ago

Frame rates get helped as well.

JasonKCK213d ago

Yeah but your system of choice will benefit less not more. Why are you here again?


XiNatsuDragnel213d ago

I don't like you man, don't respond to every comment on a xbox article you see learn to look with your eyes, not type with your hands.

JasonKCK213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Why are you here again? Also, I don't really care.

XiNatsuDragnel213d ago

Why are you always commenting on me, and why just response to this one?
Answer is you do care even if you like it or not.

JasonKCK man you always need to put in the last word don't you?

ichdich214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

They are all legitimately being blown away. One of our third party developers called up, and he was like, ‘this thing is no bullshit. You guys were not messing around.'”

slate91214d ago

Says all games with dynamic resolution will see improvement. I'm hoping this means Halo 5 multiplayer will be a rock solid 1080p/60fps before any patch needed :)

Gunstar75213d ago

Agreed. Would like to see how It runs the Withcer pre-patch as that was supposed to be dynamic but never seemed to get past 720p

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