Gears of War 4 Xbox One X vs Xbox One S 4K Graphics Comparison

During Xbox Press Conference on this year’s E3 we could spot two short clips of Gears of War 4 included in Xbox One X trailer.
Now assuming that this gameplay was captured on XoneX then let’s compare it with the same scenes recorded on Xbox One S and PC at maxed out settings. Does this glimpse allow us to see how Xbox One games will be enhanced by Scorpio?

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bunt-custardly342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Another crappy not worth watching comparison from these guys. Try grabbing direct feed footage from each game rather than an Internet trailer before you make the comparison and use a more static scene. Really poor professionalism is just a regular thing from these guys.

Webbyy342d ago

True but no doubt that 4k will be glorious

ocelot07342d ago

From someone with a GTX 1080ti. It's nice and is a noticeable difference but noting amazing or as you put it glorious. It's like a jump from 720p to 1080p. Noticeable but noting breath taking. However, that is for gaming.

4K movies and TV shows is where 4K really shines in my opinion.

StormSnooper342d ago

Doesn't look like it's worth the price.

4Sh0w342d ago

Yeah, I don't understand doing such a poor comparison, I mean the whole point is to show the difference that 4K adds, right? lol, nevermind that if you're not watching on a 4K display you're never gonna see a huge difference anyway.

frostypants342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

@ocelot07, THANK YOU. Too many get hung up on 4K, when that horsepower would likely be better put to use on draw distance/effects/etc. 4K is a massive commitment of horsepower for a (relatively) minor visual upgrade. Your point regarding TV is spot-on...4K shines brightly for real life imagery. But for games I say improve everything else first, then do 4K if there is bandwidth left.

Death342d ago

You guys are aware that you can't see a 4K image without a 4K display, right? Any 4K screens you see on your laptop. tablet, phone, HDTV etc will look very similar to a 1080p image since that is where your resolution is capped. To really appreciate the benefits of the Pro, Scorpio or a killer gaming rig, you need to have a 4K capable display and of course 4K content.

On a side note I am incredibly impressed at the people that could see the difference between 1080p native and 1080p upscaled that are blind to the difference between 1080p and 4K. Like the indistinguishable difference between 1080p native vs upscaled, I don't think people will see the difference between dynamic and native 4k. Frame rates to some degree if you have dips, but the difference between 35 and 60 aren't as easy to see as some may believe. When you dip below 30 your eyes will start to catch it and of course dropping significantly is noticeable, but fluid motion to the human eye is around 24fps which is what all of our favorite cartoons are drawn in. Jutter occurs lower than this and is annoying as well as inconsistent frame rates.

frostypants342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

@Death, yes, we know you need a 4K display and input to visualize 4K. Thanks. *eyeroll* If you read ocelot07's post he was speaking from experience.

"On a side note I am incredibly impressed at the people that could see the difference between 1080p native and 1080p upscaled that are blind to the difference between 1080p and 4K."

Can you tell us which people? I'll ignore the technical false equivalency.

XMarkstheSpot342d ago

I find it funny not long ago everyone was arguing about just trying to have a 1080p game. Now, still in the same generation, its like 4K isn't good enough

Babadook7342d ago

Not a big difference to my eyes.

fr0sty342d ago

4K can really benefit gaming, but only when the games are crafted around the resolution, rather than low poly models and textures. Then, increasing resolution only makes the flaws in the image more apparent. You realize how much blurrier that texture is than it should be, or how blocky that character's face is, etc.

frankiebeans342d ago

you are probably one of them people with a switch that settle for garbage because thats all Nintendo has ever fed you so you dont know any better

JasonKCK342d ago

"@Death, yes, we know you need a 4K display and input to visualize 4K. Thanks. *eyeroll* If you read ocelot07's post he was speaking from experience."

frostypants hear that sucking sound?

Many others here are also running PC's with 4k and his blatant downplay is obvious.

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Liqu1d342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I don't even know why this site is still allowed to post their crappy comparisons on N4G. These are the same guys that used low quality footage to make it seem like Horizon was downgraded.

frostypants342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

N4G's top-of-page has long since been taken over by piss poor sites run by kids.


Just Google how it looks maxted on a PC

TankCrossing342d ago

Afaik the PC version still doesn't support HDR, so in a screenshot comparison the Xbox might edge it. In motion you'd obviously notice the framerates in favour of (a good) PC.

342d ago
sd11342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Another 1080p compressed video to highlight the difference 4k will make. Yay. it even 1080p, its terrible quality.

Mr Lahey342d ago

Umm, the video is actually 1440p.

Fishy Fingers342d ago

Oh, perfect for judging a 2160p resolution then... :/

Mr Lahey342d ago

Nope, absolutely not. I'm just pointing out that the video's not below 1080p as sd11 was speculating about.. :)

sd11342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Strange then as it looked like a sub 1080p feed when i viewed it. Not sure why. Do you know if it was it captured at 1440p as well ?

frostypants342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

You make a great point, but the fact of the matter is 4K is a minor visual upgrade from a practical perspective. The visual impact is nowhere near the same as the jump even from 480p to 720p, even if the pixel jump is so much greater. There's just not much TOO see.

Death342d ago

4K HDR is a pretty significant jump over 1080p. HDR alone is a huge difference and to experience it you need a 4K display. To say it's minor indicates you haven't actually seen it or choose to see what you want to see. I will say the amount of content that really takes advantage of 4K and HDR has been minimal, but that isn't a surprise seeing how we are still early in 4K's lifecycle.

CyrusLemont342d ago

So bad, DF is the only place that does these types of video properly and professionally.

Software_Lover342d ago

Give me 1080p/60 or Dynamic/60 with more going on on the screen, better fx, better textures, better AI, better lighting, etc.

Resolution is cool, but at this point in the game (HD-era) it will not make a bad game good, or a good game great.

sd11341d ago

I think this is where next gen will finally come into its own. The next consoles will contain 12+ Tflop gpus. That will mean Tflops to spare for graphical improvements and a better CPU will raise the FPS. Personally I would rather they upscaled 1440p on the X and put the rest of the power into actually making it look and run better. This gen has had far too much focus on resolution over graphics. I think to the point that developers have made compromises just to ensure games are 1080p etc.
Of course the release of mid gen consoles has pushed the next gen consoles back another 3 or so years. That means we are stuck with resolution arguments for the foreseeable future.

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