Dragon Ball FighterZ developers open to porting to Switch if there is fan interest

Bandai Namco is bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to Switch a few months from now. But at E3, the company announced the 2D fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ which is currently not planned for the system. Depending on fan interest, that could change. French site Game Blog spoke with Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki.

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GameBoyColor311d ago

It's a no brainer. There is money in portable fighters still. Only thing I can think of is that they are 1) gauging the switch support still or 2) Aren't marketing it yet but very well intend to port it since xenoverse 2 is close to releasing.

Thunder_G0d_Bane311d ago

Oh God PLEASE DO! Day one on Switch!!!

Uken12311d ago

I KNOW! So many Switch owners are DBZ fans and anime fans. And the pro controller for the switch is better than the PS4 and XB1 controllers.

Teflon02311d ago

Wow, that's a stretch. The pro controller isn't better than the Xbox or ps control. It's okay. Plus DS has always been the best control for fighting games. They need to bring it to switch but the game is basically useless playing on the regular controls because the horrible dpad

PurpHerbison310d ago

And an actual fight stick is better than all that... But it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. Casuals just like to mash. Mashing works on all controllers just fine.

Uken12308d ago

Not a stretch. I use all three for extensive periods of time. The battery life is the main difference. The fact is none of the controllers are bad by any means imo. But I think if I were to pick one that is the best, the Switch Pro Controller, again my opinion.

The PS4 left joystick hurts the ball socket of my thumb after a while and that is uncomfortable. The battery life is terrible. The rest is fine with me. I'm also not a huge fan of the PS4 d-pad and the "triangle button" shape of it. (Again my preference)

The XB1 controller is good but the shoulder buttons are out of reach. Completely different from the XB360 controller which was a great controller except for the d-pad. And the battery....AA's....

Switch pro controller really doesn't have any faults. Maybe it doesn't have pressure sensitive triggers? I'm not sure if it does but I have never really found that to be noticeable personally.
But all of the buttons feel great. The d-pad is like SNES, which many consider the best d-pad.

And the DS has not always been the best for Fighters, lol. Maybe you like it for you.
I think the SNES d-pad was better for fighters. A good Arcade stick is the best, as stated by PurpHerbison.

TekoIie310d ago

I'm not a DBZ fan but I'd certainly pick the game up on Switch to see if it could get me interested in the anime.

I'm sure it will be a worthwhile game to play on the go as well!

Munnkyman311d ago

I would love to see this on the switch

Sgt_Slaughter311d ago

Hopefully more developers shift their thinking to being open to releasing big games on the Switch, there's a healthy amount of people I would assume that will buy AAA games for the portability aspect.

ZeekQuattro310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

The Switch will get more support than the Wii U ever did as most of its ports were half assed ones that were missing content(DLC, online, special editions) the other versions got. There will always be however those devs or publishers that will continue to take the wait and see approach to guage interest even though the best way to guage interest would be to actually port the game in the first place and release it day and date with the other versions.

Whenever a studio says this I think back to the Project Cars fiasco. Devs asked the fans. Fans said yes. Devs said tough titty we don't care. Its like why jump through hoops if the other person is just going to say most likely say no anyway. lol I can buy the game on my PS4 or Xbox One but in the end I would prefer it on the Switch as I've gotten use to taking it with me whenever I leave the house. Plus I get a kick out of people asking me what I'm playing while everyone is else is playing" insert your favorite app game here" on their phones. lol

wheresmymonkey311d ago

There is. If i had the option to get it on Switch i would over PS4. It would be a no brainer. More over with the limited amount of fighters (and games in general atm) on the switch i think t would do really well.

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