The Xbox One X is a terrible name and they learned nothing from the Wii U

Microsoft is taking their naming convention from Nintendo and that's not a good thing. Sticking random letters at the end of your console names just confuses people who aren't fully immersed in game's media and know the differences.

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darthv7264d ago

Name is fine and it actually works when abbreviated. XBox One X= XBOX

WiiU is just.... WiiU or WU

SpaceRanger64d ago

"Name is fine and it actually works when abbreviated. XBox One X= XBOX"

No matter how much you say it, it's not gonna come true 😂

darthv7264d ago

Are you saying it does not abbreviate to XBOX?

DARK_WOLF64d ago

Keep hatin lol ' Xbox One X ' is a cool name.

Man these fanboys so desperate to hate on anything an everything with this system lol.

UltraNova64d ago

I can see how it could be kinda confusing to some but I think its fine.

mcstorm64d ago

The name is fine as the xbox one x is not a new gen console like the wiiu was. People thought the wiiu was the controller and it was a addon to the Wii.

The xbox one x and xbox one and s are all getting the same games but the X games are enhanced.

nX64d ago

Phil Spencer was probably like "X is such a cool letter, what rhymes with X?"

bluefox75563d ago

The name is fine, but if you don't think it'll cause confusion to uninformed consumers, you're lying to yourself.

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SpaceRanger64d ago

Not even MS spells it like that (as in XBox) lol this is reaching by its very definition.

Don't believe me?

The abbreviation would be XOX.

darthv7264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The general rule of thumb for abbreviated names goes like this.

XBox: XB (original)
XBox 360: XB360 (or 360)
XBox One: XBO (or XB1)
XBox One S: XBOS (or XB1S)
XBox One X: XBOX (or XB1X)

I didnt make them up. Society did and that's how it goes.

Matrix664d ago

Luckily it's not Xbox One R, otherwise it could be abbreviated to 'XBoneR' 😂

Aenea64d ago


I usually see:

Never seen those you mention. Must be regional then or something.......

girevik63d ago

XOX...O. Gossip Girl...

Okay, I'll see myself out! ;)

Cobra95163d ago

XOX is my acronym for it too.

rainslacker63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Is it MS or the community that abbreviates like that darth?

I haven't seen many people calling the X1 XBO or XBOS. Xbone, X1, XB1 are more typical.


That would actually be pretty epic.

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Woolly_64d ago

Xbox One X because it's still an Xbox One.. same fam'

Wii_U was a next_gen console.... the successor to Wii..

. . duh?

Bathyj64d ago

It's actually even dumber when abbreviated. It's the first thing I noticed. Wait, you mean it's gonna be known as XBOX? Did you mean Xbox? No, XBOX.

What Xbox One wasn't sufficiently confusing? You have to clarify now what you're talking about? At least when you say XBOne S everyone knows straight away what console you're referring to. Now with XBOX there's no wrong answer, no right answer, and everyone's just guessing.

lelo2play64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The Xbox One X is a terrible name. Even Scorpio was a better name.

Microsoft made a bunch of mistakes with XB1X, since the name, then the price and even the exclusives to help sell the console. Forza 7 and Crackdown 3 are probably good games, but they aren't huge names that sell consoles.

yomfweeee64d ago

The abbreviation just gets you back to the core name, so what is the point of that?

tehpees364d ago

The name will cause branding confusion. I use the blogs and forums all the time and even I am struggling to understand this thing.

Why? Because while they clearly market it as a member of the family the price point, specs and features all seem to imply it is an entirely new system. And yes I am aware it is intended to be a member of the family but their marketing implies otherwise.

Aenea64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"Are you saying it does not abbreviate to XBOX"

Well, to be fair, it's Xbox One X -> XOX

I mean if one grabs arbitrary extra letters from words then you can make other 'abbreviations' as well:

In any case, the name Xbox One X is perfectly fine, lines up nicely with Xbox One S (and as I said below where was this article when the One S was announced?)

Shadowlee63d ago

Xbox brand has always had multiple abbreviations. To be fair if you the playstation (which is 1 word)method you get XBOX. just like its PS4 rather than P4, See? I do use XOX or 1X however i use XB1 or XBO for the standard console so darth is right about rule of thumb. No one really uses XOS/X1s but u do see XBOS/XB1s

Dark_Knightmare263d ago

No because you would have to cut out one which doesn't work because it's part of the Xbox one family

RaTaTaT63d ago

I'M coining the abbreviation xboX.

fenome63d ago

It's not a terrible name, it just sounds too much like Xbox One S when you say it out loud. I can see how it could be confusing for people that don't follow gaming like we do.

subtenko63d ago

"You got the xbox one or the xbox?"

dude: "The xbone?"

"the original xbox one"

dude: "O the XBOX"

"No I dont have the XBOX, just the Xbox"

dude: " mean the one x....."


(parents shopping)

"I would like a new xbox....what do you mean which one? The next west one I guess..."

Seem's like its okaaaay not as bad as the wii u but still Im not surprised if people get confused...names are too similar

Gr8b8m863d ago

The fanboy spinning is unreal...even one something as dumb as an abbreviation

XOX would be the abbreviation. You don't add the "B" in Xbox for no reason just to make it sound right.

But hey, you're so used to spinning and making stuff up by now you probably don't even realize you're doing it.

segamaniaco63d ago

People wont get confused when they know how much it costs

Zeref63d ago

Its a disappointing name at most. Because people including myself expected it to be named something cooler like Xbox Elite or Scorpio. But X is fine, far from terrible like some suggest.

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nitus1064d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The writer does have some good points but let the fanboys rants begin.

Note the similarity of the XBox naming for each generation such as XBox, Xbox360, XBox360 elite, XBox1, Xbox1s and now XBox1x. Sure most people here would know the difference but most nongamers or even casual gamers are going to be confused.

Grabs popcorn. 🙂

darthv7264d ago

Dont forget the XB360s and XB360e

ziggurcat64d ago

I have never seen anyone use XB360 - it has always been X360...