The Creator of Metroid II Fan Game AM2R isn't Mad About Nintendo

DoctorM64 spent over ten years remaking Metroid II: Samus Return in his free time, only to have Nintendo send him a DMCA and have to take the project down. Now that Nintendo has announced their own reimagining of the same game, he’s just as pumped as everyone else is.

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Apocalypse Shadow308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I think what DRM64 did was amazing for a fan. Such an excellent job. I've played many fan made games and his was in the top 10. When fans make games like Am2r, marvel first alliance series/infinity war, SOR remake, world heroes supreme justice extra, final fight gold super,avengers united battle force,fighters history revenge, He man, GI Joe, Rocket viper 2,Art of Fighting:Trouble in South Town,etc etc etc.. Its just amazing fan tributes.

I'm glad Nintendo is finally making another Metroid after being begged over and over. It means Nintendo has finally listened. I was waiting a long time for it to happen. Long ago,I submitted a sequel to the first Metroid but was turned down then because Nintendo refused submissions. I drew out (i was a good artist)the weapons,levels,suit power ups,enemies etc. But Nintendo sent mine back unopened in another packet saying thank you for liking their products but they couldn't accept it for legal reasons. Pissed me off but I understood even as a kid then. Then I saw later they did make a sequel on gameboy and I bought it while in the service. It helped pass the time with Mario, Mega Man, Tetris, etc between work. Then later with Super Metroid on SNES and Zero mission and Fusion on my GBA.

But good job Doc. Here's a tribute to your excellent work. Hopefully Nintendo surpasses it in fun factor.

Spenok307d ago

Funny how they ask him to take it down once it's already on the net as if that will do anything. Don't they know the term, "Once you put it on the internet, it's there forever!"?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory307d ago

So you rather Nintendo sue him?
At least Nintendo was kind enough not to take to court.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory307d ago

Why would he be mad?
He doesn't own Metroid, has no rights do remake copyrighted games in the series and isn't working for Nintendo.
So he has no rights to be mad.