Microsoft expects consumers to 'figure out' which Xbox One is which

Engadget: "The best way to keep a job as a marketer is to never go off message. That's precisely what happened when I interviewed Xbox's head of console marketing Albert Penello on our E3 stage this week. While he was more than happy to talk about the Xbox One X's tech specs and the impact 4K gaming will have on everyone, asking harder questions about Xbox as an organization resulted in a lot of non-answers. But there were a few tells."

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XiNatsuDragnel308d ago

Oh boy in my opinion we'll see about that...

Name Xbox 1 x sounds bad why not kept it Scorpio that was more bad***.

affrogamer308d ago

X-posed sounds a lil better!

The_Sage307d ago

Like....when you drop your pants?..

Skull521307d ago

I agree XBOS and XBOX are pretty close, but any average consumer should be able to look at the price tag and not make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

XBOX is going to be the most powerful console ever released. Just write that on the box.

343_Guilty_Spark307d ago

Scorpio wouldn't work due to licensing.

They said it several time in interviews.

fenome307d ago

I didn't know that, they could still release one with a scorpion on it with an X on its back and I bet it would move some units.

ziggurcat307d ago

what licensing issues would they have, exactly? does someone own the rights to naming something Scorpio??

Death307d ago

I agree, Scorpio was the way to go. Even "Xbox One X - Scorpio" would be better.

307d ago
Death307d ago

"Xbox One Scorpio" or "Xbox Scorpio" shouldn't have been an issue. The name Scorpio is still part of Xbox One X, the APU is called the Scorpio Engine.

Movefasta1993307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Xbox one s already exists ,they should have called that the xbox one mini and called this the s (short for Scorpio ).

CyberSentinel307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

"Xbox One Elite" should of been the brand.

MS already has a history of a "elite" class console, and should of continued that separatists class brand.

ziggurcat307d ago

I thought about that, but then someone pointed out that they already have an Xbox One Elite (which is the Xbox One with the Elite controller bundle).

ps3rider307d ago

The should name ot x-wife

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Brave_Losers_Unite308d ago

They seriously are dumb when it comes to naming stuff. They should of stuck with Xbox Scorpio. Remember the Xbox One announcement and all the memes that were made?

Neonridr308d ago

much like the Pro retained the Playstation 4 naming convention, Microsoft is doing the same here. They don't want to confuse gamers into thinking it isn't part of the Xbox One family. So keeping that name was more or less essential. A new name makes people think it plays all new games.

colonel179308d ago

Yes, Microsoft needed to retain the brand familiy of the Xbox One, so Scorpio would have always been Xbox One something no matter what. The issue is that X and S can sound similar when saying the name. But is people really that stupid? You see the XBOS and XBOX on shelves, and is there no way they can figure out they are two versions, and that each one of them offers different features and specs?

IMO, casual people will go for the S anyways, because of the price, and people with more videogame knowledge will know the differences between the two.

Neonridr308d ago

@colonel179 - much like Car companies adopting a type S or type X brand. Those who want the top tier product will do some research. The One X isn't targeting casuals or first time buyers necessarily.

KwietStorm307d ago

I don't know why this is so hard to understand either.

Lennoxb63308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

If they don't know the difference then they're probably not the target audience.

UnHoly_One308d ago

This is exactly correct.

The person who sees two different Xboxes and has to ask someone for help is likely not looking for the 1X to begin with, or they are a confused parent that didn't listen to their kid very carefully.

fenome307d ago

That's true, plus I'm sure it'll have 4K and stuff right on the box so people will know what it's pushing.

2pacalypsenow308d ago

They should make everyone their target audience, they should try to get as many XboX consoles into peoples homes as they can.

Gh05t308d ago

"They should make everyone their target audience..." -That is not how premium products work.

"...they should try to get as many XboX consoles into peoples homes as they can." - They have a $250 dollar console just for "everyone".

LexHazard79307d ago

Not everyone can afford X.

KwietStorm307d ago

So if someone buys an Xbox One S instead of a One X, did they not accomplish that same goal?

DragonKnight307d ago

Gaming history has had the problem of "too many versions" of consoles before.

It ended up causing big problems for Sega.

Sony and MS should learn from Sega.

Lennoxb63307d ago

It's only two consoles every 6-8 years. That's actually a pretty slow rate to drop consoles with how fast technology moves.


It's obvious anybody who's going to be looking for a piece of tech like this will be able to figure it out however I do think Microsoft did screw up by dumping the name Scorpio it was a fantastic name for the system and it was well-known through the community already if I were them I would personally change the name at least two Xbox One X Scorpio and then just have Scorpio written across the console would be sick.

KwietStorm307d ago

Xbox One X Scorpio is nonsense and you know it is. There's no reason to have the X and the Scorpio. Why are people dangling on "Scorpio" so hard? It was a codename, no different than internal firmware names or what phone manufacturers do literally every year. They already have a One S. One X is simple to understand, and it's still within the Xbox One product line, which is what's important. Scorpio was only well known by people who follow this kind of news. The casuals would probably think it's a whole new Xbox. This needs to be dropped yesterday. It's not even important.

aconnellan307d ago

Scorpio was a great name, but they mentioned in interviews that there were licensing issues so they couldn't go with it as the final name

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