The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions Amiibo Are Already Sold Out At Most Retailers

We recently got some new amiibo announcements and some are already sold out at a few retailers, with a new retailer finally listing them earlier today.

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ShadyDevil341d ago

Not Surprised. Zelda Sells.

The 10th Rider341d ago

Tell me about it, got all the Twilight gear from the SSB Link Amiibo and then sold it for $45. I figure I'll pick up some of the newer ones once stock begins to normalize. It's crazy how high demand is for them.

shockwave4life341d ago

Shocker?!?!?...... everything Nintendo sells they purposely don't make enough just to make the demand high and then the item will be "sold out" I was one of the ppl trying to get all those original amiibos when they first came out and it was impossible! Nintendo can /€#% off with they're shortages all the damn time it's pathetic!! U don't see that with Sony and Microsoft

SirBradders341d ago

Nintendo suck balls. Selling little characters for DLC in a game, then purposely producing less than demand.

CrimsonWing69341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Yea not really news if you're into the whole amiibo game. Nintendo are complete a**holes when it comes to these.

Honestly I don't know how kids get them.