Some of the absolutely crazy things I did (or that happened to me) in Far Cry 5 - Fenix Bazaar

Spending around 30 minutes with no real goal or objective -- and actively avoiding the recommendations of the Ubisoft developer sitting beside me -- I decided to lift the lid off and dive straight into the deep end of Far Cry 5's unhinged Montana. Here's what I did.

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dcbronco153d ago

Far Cry 5 revolves around religious fanaticism. Not sure I want to here about the things that happened to you in the game. I've seen a lot about what religious fanatics are in to.

pedrami91153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

How old are you ?

dcbronco153d ago

Old enough to know too much religion is bad. How old are you?

pedrami91153d ago

Dodging the question are we ?

No matter, your non-answer and comment history has told me enough.

opinionated153d ago

I like that you told the devs to stick it and went off on a tear. I would have probably done the same. It seems random and I'm hyped. It's too bad it's not until feb though.

I'm curious as to why they called it "Bible Belt fanaticism" as well. The Bible Belt is a region not an apocalyptic cult lol. I live there and trust me, they are godless here as everywhere else.

dcbronco153d ago

Exactly. They like to pretend to be righteous god fearing people. In reality they allow themselves to be controlled by cons and opportunist. And they too often interfere with natural behavior in the name of rules their own god abandoned centuries ago. As you know some of the idiotic states in the bible belt outlaw things like vibrators. Yet they quickly holler about individual rights. It's a shame so many good people down there get subjugated to their inability to accept reality.

opinionated153d ago

No they don't. People in the Bible Belt don't even pretend like they care lol. That might have been that way back in the day but it's not anymore. That's a foreigners view of the south lol. Which states have banned vibrators? That sounds utterly ridiculous lol.

Anyway, Montana and the western mountain hillbillies aren't in the Bible Belt and we're not talking about dildos. I'm wondering why he's calling it "Bible Belt fanaticism" like that actually happens here or it's a product of the region lol. It's religious fanaticism, an apocalyptic cult. It has nothing to do with the Bible Belt.