Kratos: Murderer, God of War, Father

OnlySP: "With the upcoming God of War, Sony Santa Monica is delving into an aspect of Kratos’s life that has previously been glimpsed, but not explored in detail... Across this six-game journey, the developers at Sony Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn have drawn on both Greek myth and historical sources to create the character of Kratos and portray conflicting ideas of family and fatherhood."

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PhoenixUp154d ago

This article didn't even bring up anything about Kratos' relationship with his brother Deimos

Critic4l_Strik3154d ago

Well, Deimos is barely (or not even) mentioned in the main games. I think from all the releases, Ghost of Sparta was the one with the least importance in the main story.

PhoenixUp154d ago

Deimos was alluded to in GoW1 & GoW3.

GoS showed how Kratos' childhood was like, why he has that distinctive red marking, why he was acting so violently as a god in the intro of GoW2, why Poseidon had a grudge with him in the beginning of GoW3, & revealed the gravedigger to be Zeus. That game is very important to the overall plot

Swiftfox154d ago

They forgot also Kratos: petulant child and shallow git of no redeemable value. Seriously, this game doesn't show a "part" of Kratos's personality-- it's a complete, 100% retcon.

PhoenixUp154d ago

GoW4 continues from the character development that Kratos had during GoW3. It's not a retcon. Let's not forget that Kratos killed himself at the end of the game for the sake of humanity.

Swiftfox154d ago

This really says it better than I can:

The character from God of War 3 is not the same one in God of War 4. Kratos from God of War 3 solves his issues with senseless violence and only violence in a story better reserved for a direct to DVD Disney film. And his "Sacrifice" comes off as a quick plot convienient way to make Kratos not the bad guy. Heck they even had to have the gods he killed "infected by evil" so Kratos wouldn't seem like a bad guy--It didn't work.

Summons75154d ago

So it starts his character development as he was a very 2D cardboard cutout of an angry man with no character development in all 3 games.

UltraNova154d ago

Its a game about revenge, redemption and endless violence why does it have to go for an oscar? Why does everything need to in order to be enjoyed for what it is?

Legatus154d ago

Kratos, the man, the god, the legend...

CrowbaitBob152d ago

It's not murder if it's your wife and kids.