'A Way Out' is proof that Electronic Arts is serious about its 'EA Originals'

A Way Out isn't your typical indie game. It's unique, ambitious and from a highly reputable developer which could very well be proof that 'EA Originals' is more than just fluff.

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PhoenixUp35d ago

Wasn't Mirror's Edge: Catalyst proof of that

opinionated34d ago

EA has many, many, many great originals. It's the sequels that they ruin.

SpaceRanger34d ago

I would say that this game is at the top of my most anticipated because of how unique it is. Can't get here soon enough.

Soc534d ago

Is that Uncharted 4s prison level?

Smitty202034d ago

Me n my brother are looking forward to this game ,offline co op ;)

Leeroyw34d ago

You're right. I'm 38 and my brothers and I grew up on couch co op.
To say this is a thing of the past is a right and a wrong way to look at it.
Switch is making local Co op cool again.
I can't wait to play this with my baby bro)(33) on the sofa.

ps360s34d ago

same with me and my brother but now he has a wife (shes not into gaming and she hates it) but luckily I have a bf who does play games (Sports and racing) but he tries to play other games with me (not very good but he will do haha)

I still would love couch co-op games, Loved Resistance, Halo, Gears, Timesplitters, Obscure and so on (the memories with my bro)

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